Do the Dragons drop anything other than

Ever since I realized how easy the Dragons were with a Pimp + launcher Gunzerker I’ve been farming the heebie geebies out of them. The only things they’ve dropped for me are Omens and Stingers.

If it weren’t for the ridiculous amounts of eridium and money they dropped, I would’ve stopped long ago.

So I’ll just leave this here while I go do a few things and read when I get back: What’s the best thing you’ve gotten from the Ancient Dragons, and what is in their drop table?

Loot Pools

Wow, you da man

I guess I’m just getting extremely unlucky then. I can’t even give an estimate on how many times I’ve killed them, and I’ve yet to get anything other than a Stinger or Omen (looking for the Blockade…just my luck eh?)

Thanks again though

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They drop Blockades every time I slay.

And after some team rounds legends start falling: Black Holes/Conference Calls/Thunders …

Odd difference between our experiences, capnslap - are u raiding solo?

If you’re going solo, try going to see Hyperius or Gee first to scale up to 4 player difficulty. After I did that legendaries started to fall fairly regularly. Kind of surprised you haven’t seen a blockade yet, though.

The latest patch has removed the 4 player glitch / trick.

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I do play solo. Got tired of carrying people through stuff and then getting kicked so they had everything for themselves lol.

But yeah, I finally got a Blockade after 30+ kills. Literally only saw Omens and Stingers the entire time

This kind of question is best on the general hc forum.

What? why the heck? the extra dufficultly at op8 was fun sometimes, That’s just lame.