Do The Knoxx DLC Loot Midgets Only Spawn In The Prison?


Or can I randomly find them anywhere in the DLC?

Thanks in advance.

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They have assigned locations.

Dumpster diver at Motorhead
Meat Popsicle at Prison or the T-bone room
Crimson Shorty at Lance chest before Armoury
Mini Steve at Prison
Truxican wrestler at Prison


Ok, thank you!

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(Ultrarodimus18) #4

BE CAREFUL of the meat popsicle in T-Bone (down at the bottom of the broken ramps where you get the Monster parts, in a room with a shrine to Lilith). It’s lvl 61 in BOTH playthroughs.

My friend and I had forgotten that little detail when we discovered it. And we almost got slaughtered. Only reason we didn’t is I got stuck on top of it when I was trying to jump over it through the doorway, so it couldn’t hit us or move. Took us almost 5 minutes to kill it… We were only level 40

The mini steve can also pop out of a red chest in the bandit outposts you have to visit for the Purple Juice mission (also for the quest from Marcus to kill 100 midgets, 50 prisoners, 25 skags, etc). We got jumpscared by the little ■■■■■ more than once

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(Geomason) #5

He can also spawn in the bandit camp above save/car spawn point near the bridge to the armory before road’s end


Can the Loot Midgets be killed across multiple characters or does it all have to be with one character?

For example, when I was rushing through Knoxx DLC with my Lilith, I killed Mini Steve in the Prison, but with my Brick, being more thorough with the DLC, I killed Truxican Wrestler and the Meat Locker dude in the Prison and just now killed Crimson Shorty just outside of Fort Knoxx.

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For the achievement, it will always have to be on the same character and (I believe) the same Pt. You may want to check trueachievements or similar for the last point though.

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Well, guess I was gonna head back there anyway for some side quests.

How do you access the mission that brings you to Motörhead?

(Ultrarodimus18) #9

Next to the broken highway you use as a ramp to the midget camp in the Sunken Sea, with the big honkin’ neon sign next to it, there is a shack. Inside the shack you will find Thirsty the Midget. He will give you the mission Purple Juice. Once that is complete he’ll give you a quest to investigate rumors around Motorhead. The quest will lead you first to a small hut attached to the Ridgeway on your way back to T-Bone, and then down the cloverleaf off-ramp just before the transition back to T-Bone. Motorhead is down there

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