Do the quests get better? The first 2 hours of quests feel bad to me

Unlike the other borderland games, this game seems to have some really frustrating quests where the game wants you do a lot things this engine isn’t very good at, namely platforming.

Like for example, putting up the posters is frustrating. 3 of them are easy, one is annoying but ok and the other is just really hard to jump on the top of the platform, even with the low gravity. Why bother adding stuff like this into the game? It doesn’t make it fun - not for me. It just takes me like 10 or more tries to find the exact way the game wants me to jump on top of the platform so I can proceed, and I don’t enjoy this kind of trial an error. There are so many “near misses” where I wish the game just grabbed onto the ledge and pulled up you up automatically to streamline this.

Collecting the poems is equally frustrating - namely the first one. You can’t actually reach it if you’re above it - there’s just no way - so you need to jump down and try to grab it on your way down. Of course, due to the weird collision detection you’re never going to grab it on your way down. I think I had to try 5-6 times using the geyser going up, but aiming and pressing the button at the precise time is not fluid or easy. Why is this quest so hard for? It feels awful to perform precise jumping like this. This engine isn’t a 3d Mario game engine.

Later on, you get a car, and there’s a ramp that you need to jump to get to the waypoint to go to the next area, and the way this is designed, you need to perform an utterly perfect jump. I find that if i use the booster to get enough speed, the car derails from the straight line and I fall into the pit constantly. No other borderlands game has had such hard to perform ramps like this. How is someone who is just getting used to the car controls going to perform this? I did it once, and I still can’t do it again. Going the other way seems impossible, so it’s just far easier to get out of the vehicle and jump manually across. So much for using the car. There’s so many awkward parts of the map where the car feels like it was an afterthought just because the area is large.

And there’s a bunch of other quests too where the multi-level maps are really frustrating to navigate, and the oxygen is constantly depleting as you try to platform from various sides (and are failing at it terribly) trying to get to where the game wants you to go.

Does the game come into its own with pacing and behave like a normal shooter, or is each quest going to be a struggle and a pacing killer like this? I don’t recall the other borderlands games being anywhere near this difficult to get into.

if you can’t jump up to that poster within 30 secs you’re doing something wrong. (also, it’s a sidequest)

you can reach the echo fine by dropping down and tapping E or if needed using boost. (also, it’s a sidequest)

the moon zoomy jump is annoying as ■■■■, but just don’t boost until you’re close to the ramp, there’s a bump that will unsettle the car and send you off to lava. took me a few tries. going the other way seems easier tbh.

oxygen has NEVER been a problem for me, unless using a moonlight saga and not even much then.

TPS has its problems but this reads like someone who has read that TPS SUX LOL on reddit and is just expecting the worst of the game.

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