Do the skulls on ghast call not trigger vampyr?

Mostly just looking for confirmation, as they don’t appear to be triggering it for me. Unfortunate, since if they did it would be a solid choice for keeping grenades up with MoD

I’ve got a Moze with this grenade on deck - let’s see!

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They do, I run one and it’s constantly healing.

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Oh wow: Cloning Ghast Call with four points in Vampyr basically insta-fills (not quite full, but close) her health.


Weird, but good to know; thanks to you both, and I’ll see if I can figure out why it wasn’t working for me

Hands down best grenade for Moze.

What other gear are you using?

Nah, it all comes down aim, i get complete heals out of epicenter, and constant procs off maddening tracker; if im working with terror ill use a ghast call since theres more skulls that way

3 ion cannons, a kryb’s worth, transformer, blast master with 3 vampyr, 1 redistribute, and 1 pull the holy pin, and a berserker cosmic crater

Usually with a cloning ghost call, there are so many skulls out that it procs for free grenades. Besides, who likes aiming? Let’s the skills track em down lol


That’s my thinking, the fact that they don’t all hit at the same time like the cloning maddening tracker should make MoD proc for grenades more consistently in theory

I can grenade tank the final boss in the heist dlc with cloning ghost call

I just tried a ghast call, 3 points in Vampyr from my mod. It was extremely bad at healing for me as well.

It seems like it sometimes gets a good heal, but it acts like my health is at 80% when it’s at about 40%.

Not sure why. Ps4 btw.

It seems like it might just be an issue with skull tracking; when they hit it seems to work, but they’ll sometimes just fly off where ever they feel like (especially with uneven/busy terrain)

Xbox here

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Yeah I’m not sure. I see it going after the enemy and hitting them but to me it feels like the full heal is split over multiple skulls or something. I didn’t test too thoroughly though, I’m currently in the middle of something and switched over to normal to test it.

I’ll see what’s up if I ever get this farm done.

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Thanks, and good luck on the farm!

Are u using bloodletter but with full health? Vampyr won’t do squat unless Moze’s actual health is low.

I thought that maybe I messed that up, but I was on a blastmaster

When i feel like not aiming ill take Gaige out for a run at max anarchy - not aim/cant aim; relying too heavily on grenades makes things take way too long

Unbelievably, after farming all weekend I just got the item I wanted haha. I can go test it now.

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