Do the skulls on ghast call not trigger vampyr?

Nice, congrats!!

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So it heals fine, it might just be only having 3pts in the skill and the procs are really slow or something.

It’s hard to have it keep up with damage, it feels delayed when the skulls hit the enemy. But it does seem to work fine. The CMT and similar just hit multiple at once so it fills you up quicker.

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Oh I don’t rely on them, I just throw a couple out in between shooting to maintain health. Bosses I throw a ton though

3 in vampyr? I run 8 lol

8’s going to be overkill with a lot of grenades that fire multiple projectiles. That said, I’m running 8 on ghast call testing just to get the highest amount possible for visibility’s sake.

Good to know, thanks; I think my earlier issues were from being on cluttered battlefields, and either the skulls not hitting or having a longer delay than I expected

Let me know if 8 works. I have a feeling it’s the number of points spent with the ghast call.

Also keep in mind on ps4 MoD doesn’t seem to proc with grenades… Not sure about on Xbox, but they do on Pc.

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When testing grenades for vampy procs i used a rough rider n bloodletter; for decent numbers (TRL makes shield capacity)

I agree this is absolute overkill; half the blastmaster builds i see hardly go past MoD if they even touch the dw tree

Yeah I’ve been going to PtHP and autobear. Vampyr is pointless above 3 with the CMT or CRT

I kill all the things.

They proc on grenades on Xbox, but unreliably with the CMT.

I’ve been working on the theory that the nerf cooldown works poorly with CMT as usually you’ll get 3 sets of 6 simultaneous hits, and it’s more likely that you’ll get ammo instead of a grenade, then the cooldown happens and the rest of the set can’t proc.

That’s why I’ve been toying around with ghast call, epicenter, and firestorm lately

I should test with more grenades on ps4.

If this is the case you should find one with at least 2 bouncy… That’s 5 hits over a longer time.

Also, ghast call can keep you up with 8 somewhat, but it hasn’t been great for me with it. I suspect some of that is issues on my end with it’s delay and getting used to the flow of it though

2 grenades bouncing 5 times might work, good thinking

Sometimes I feel like I play so different, but I can’t understand why it’s so “odd”. I can kill Agonizer before it pauses for Marcus on M4.

Yeah divider bouncy bouncy. Mirv bouncy bouncy might work too but they’ll all hit at the same time

I’ll keep an eye out for one and see if that’s any more reliable. The ghast call and rain firestorm seemed to be good enough at it to keep up the grenades mostly while using only the ion cannon, but they’re not great at keeping the life up, so that might work better

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Ghast Call, elemental high mag weapon, and Mind Sweeper and you can destroy boss shield AND health bars at once with some regularity.

I have vids of Scraptrap Prime, Captain TRAUNT!!, Freddie, Agonizer, etc disintegrating in seconds. Haven’t been able to duplicate without the constant barrage of skulls from the GC. Also, in my opinion it is indeed the best grenade for Vampyr and MOD without having to spam 'nades or use an Atlas Cloning Transfusion mirv bouncer…
Throw one and go fight.