Do the ultraviolet challenges work between characters?

do the challenges and their rewards work for all characters or do I have to unlock everything 4 times??

Nope. Gotta do them with each.

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ugh so dumb. ty for answering me tho

Rewards: yes
Challenges: no

You can get all rewards with one character but you have to stick with that character the whole way through.

This really sucks considering that I could have sworn that one of the Bloody Harvest updates acknowledged that not having account-wide challenge progress was a mistake and it would be included in future events.


What Axel_V said: if you unlock a head or skin on one character, you have them for all characters. Quite why the progress bar didn’t carry over between them I don’t know - it’s playing havoc with those who are more OCD about such things!


That and some Characters/Builds might be better suited for individual challenges than others.

Well, that’s a relief! Figured I was having enough trouble making time to get all the challenges with my main, no way was I getting all 4 through…

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oh ok thats what I was worried about. rewards are all i really care about atm anyways

that me. im ocd and a half