Do these new quest rewards come anointed?

Hey guys and gals. I am wondering if the quest rewards from the new dlc can come in anointed variants. Have any of you received anointed variants of the quest rewards? Are there any notable quest rewards you know of that I should look out for or try to farm for anointed? I know this is all very new but I know from previous games some of the best items were quest rewards from dlcs. Thanks guys.

Have the same question. And if anyone sees this with the damage annointment I’ll trade lol

Can’t figure out what it does but it’s shredding loaders so I assume it’s something to do with armor or robots either way it’s gonna be good for the takedown

I crit for 154k on a shot before I used my action skill :joy:


Thanks for the reply bud.

wow that gun is pretty

I got a shield from Ember as quest reward, sorry forgot its name but it had an ASE anointment. We were playing on M2.


Ok so I guess the next question is how do we farm the quest rewards?

probably same as with normal game play, restarting missions on TVHM would probably do it, otherwise one per playthrough?

(On PC)
The only way I do it is to make a copy of my save file just before turning in the quest. I’m pretty sure I tried setting the save file to read-only one time, only to have BL3 save the file anyway.

Side note: I now have several anointed “Cloud Kill’s”, took awhile but I’m pretty sure M4 helps with RNG

I had one yesterday, last pic.


Wow nice!!!