Do they not want us to farm?

Is it just my bad luck or has anyone else noticed quite a few enemies like sky bullies or hot karl are just surrounded by annointed now, and seem to not drop their dedicated drops for the most part. It honestly feels like everytime I hop on there is less incentive to want to farm certain bosses or areas because it’s just not worth the frustration.


new DLC ion cannon makes quick work of those anointed :wink:

but then again… i hope they rework those annoyingted… same with rocketlauncher(badasses) CoV wich just spam without giving you time to actualy regenerate shield/health (stop giving them pin point accuracy)

Havent played much of the dlc yet, it keeps crashing on me when I try, but I dont get how they expect the longevity if the game to last for X amount of years when they nerf everything decent the players find or enjoy and then gate everything behind enemies that are immune or resist 90% of damage you try to deal anyway. I tried to farm sky bullies to get Hex grenades to trade and no joke the hallway right before thier room spawned 4 badasses and 2 anointed militants, I got through that then the actual room they were in had 3 badasses and 2 anointed, one was a militant the other was the one that summons the purple orb that follows you around forever. It doesnt seem to matter what mayhem mode I’m on either I also have all the hotfix3s applied according to my title screen but I still run in to anointed that are immune to my damage.

anointed are just badly designed :wink:
i think the only way to probably fix them is to remove them all together or have them in scripted events and never as a random enemy.

The anointed are poorly designed, I dont mind having a difficult enemy but slapping them with 6 different abilities on top of almost as much health as a boss and the damage output of a halo ring that’s just annoying.

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yep, in the new DLC i don’t realy mind the badass loaders because they are chalenging…

the badass CoV with rocketlaunchers are just anoying because they keep spamming you with pinpoint accuracy (even behind cover you’re not safe for this kind of crap)

anointed are just… i try to just ignore them and run away (but that’s just because they’re not fun to fight… ever)

I agree with the rocket launcher COV enemies, the fact that sometimes they fore the rockets at the same speed of an SMG is infuriating as well, as soon as you come up from ffyl you’re downed again immediately. It sucls because in my experience the COV slaughtershaft yields the best legendary drop rates for me I almost never get more than 5 or 6 to drop for me on the maliwan or creature ones and that’s on mayhem 3 and 4.

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I’ve killed the Sky Bullies a bunch of times and have never gotten Hex grenades from them, only random vendor trash.

I’ve gotten my Hex grenades from the Jakobs Estate loot midget (which Gearbox has nerfed out of the game) and as random drops from defeating Troy.

But back to the original question of if they want us to farm …

My opinion is that of course they do. But I’m not sure they take into consideration how annoying they make it to be. Pretty sure they try to balance the game to be challenging and that’s a good thing, but their efforts have proven to make farming more frustrating than fun … and that’s not a good thing.

I suppose it’s difficult to find the medium for the players that complain about any weapon that works well and calls for nerfs of anything good and the players that enjoy over powered weapons and easy combat. You truly can’t please everyone.

I’ve had more Hex grenade mods drop as random world drops from Graveward than I have from the Sky Bullies. The drop rate from bosses for dedicated drop items is between 3-5%. And that’s just to get some version of the item to drop. If you’re wanting a specific version with a specific anointment to drop, your adds are lottery winning low.

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