Do they still patch up this game?(steam version)

Any info about working on problems like:
-no hud resize
-no sorting by price in inventory
-spining price animation
-broken loot (too many high grade items that are weaker than greens)
-small font in inventory
-no scrolling down in abilities description
-no change weapon size
-comparing items without clicking on them
-balancing (phylactery has too much hp)

Not known. The last update was Nov. 18th. There were hints of another update in a dev response on Twitter before Christmas iirc, but GBX have never published any sort of timetable for updates or a list of things they’re still working on for any game in a long time. IOW we’re all equally in the dark here. The only thing we know for sure is that GBX are looking to release the BL2-DLC4-DnD inspired Wonderlands game sometime in March of this year.

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i can pretty much promise you that most if not all these issues will never be solved even if they would announce 5 more patches tomorrow


Thanks for answer

Considering Gearbox released an updated version of BL1 something like 10 years after its release and a DLC for BL2 6 years after its release, I don’t think we can know for sure when they’ll stop patching BL3. My guess is they’re still working on improvements and may well even release new content (if, for example, they have something they worked on but got cut that they decide to finish and release), but they can’t tell us anything about them because they don’t have firm dates for when these things might happen.

Their main focus will be on getting Wonderlands out for the next few months, and fixing any issues after its release, so I don’t think we’ll see anything really for the next 6 months regarding BL3.

As to the list of issues - I don’t really have any problems running the game smoothly, and don’t see some of the “issues” listed as real problems. Like, the gearing system is what it is, and choosing gear should be based on exploration and testing more than “rarity” or color, in my opinion, so I just don’t care about any perceived “imbalance” in guns or whatever. Since I play on PC I can’t speak to any console issues, but the game is fine as is, for me. It would be very nice to have some more UI options, and if something like stuttering is a problem on some console versions, sure, that should be fixed, but I’ve been happy with the overall state of the game for a long time.

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you should lern the difference here though
dlc for bl2 was created for 2 main reasons

  1. it was promotion to get the bl2 playerbase to buy bl3
  2. it was them redconning and changing the ending of bl2 and TPS so it works with their vision for bl3 which drastically at points redons the lore and story

because the game rly doesnt connect to the rest of the franchise lore and story wise
they literally needed to make this thing to change the ending and expectation from bl2 and TPS.

pretty much everybody expected a full war with all vault hunters
didnt get any of that
the key and other stuff was with the raiders
it was a nessesity

Learn the difference between what, and what?

All I said was these things were done well after the original games were released, I didn’t say anything about “why”.

I think my point is pretty clear: because we have a history of Gearbox creating content for games they created years before, we can’t reliably predict when they’ll stop patching, or even producing new content, for BL3.

Whatever you are talking about has nothing to do with this point.

the difference between creating content for a game they want to keep alive vs creating advertisement for an upcoming game

it is a massiv difference

Sure some parts of that list are more of an annoyances or quality of life problems. But weird stutter(no fps drops) or broken scrolling down description of abilities on pc version should be fixed.