Do things load this slow on PC too?

I have been playing on PS4, mainly splitscreen with my friend. The amount of things that don’t work smoothly is astounding. Load times are one thing, but Icons like healthbars and vendor thumbnails take a second to pop in. Even after the initial starting haze, things like healthbars can still wait a split second to show up after your crosshairs are on an enemy. Textures and models for weapons sometimes switch around and become all blended. The menu is not only extremely slow to respond (especially on splitscreen), but on splitscreen it severely lags the game. this issue existed in the past games, so it’s sad to see that not only was nothing done about it, but it has been left to get worse.

I’m planning to buy borderlands 3 for PC once it goes on sale, or hits steam. I know the chance for any of these issues being fixed is low because they arn’t damage values on a gun. Are any of these issues at least less present on the PC version, particularly on a high end one?

Problem is the split screen not the system. And pc players don’t have split screen btw.

On ps4 pro with a 2tb ss and no loading probs like you mention. But there is menu lag.

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Just menu lag then, so no slight delay between putting an enemy in your crosshairs, and his health bar showing up? This is a big one for me. Never even imagined this problem could exist.

At least in borderlands 1 and 2, the co-op menu lag was a problem on PC as well. I would play LAN sessions, and there would be lag when another player went into a vendor, especially when they bought ammo. It wasn’t just splitscreen.

Only in multiplayer do i see stuff like that solo i see nothing cept menu lag and it isn’t horrible just annoying.

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PC experiences menu lag. IMO I think its because they tried too hard to make the menu interface look new and amazing with all the changes an such. Aside from all the new animated elements and the layout showing more thumbnails at once, its also all overlayed on top of the game display when outside of the menu because they made it like a holo projection coming out of the Echo device. I think the only menu tab that doesn’t do this is the Map because when I switch to it while the FPS tracker is up in the corner it shoots up to around 300-400FPS.

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Wouldn’t give them credit for trying something new and cool. It’s just sloppy and unoptimized. Plenty of games with much better graphics and more complex menu’s that don’t drop a single fps when you open them.

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