Do Tom and Xam scale with level on normal mode?

I asked this question on Reddit, and only got two responses which were directly conflicting answers.

This is probably an extremely dumb question, but do Tom and Xam from the GL&T dlc scale with level on normal mode? I know that most named enemies and hunt targets like demoskaggon scale with level, but I didn’t know if the same applies to Tom and Xam since they’re involved in a story mission. I plan to use them to farm gear for my Amara

I know that everything scales in mayhem mode. But do Tom and Xam scale in normal mode?

They should. I did jack at lvl 30s and hes 57 on normal. I did. Mayhem mode. And then went back to normal. Jacks 57.

So if they arent u have that.

They should. Also know that they’re not worth farming right now because their drops are really poor.

They do