Do turtle shields lower Digi-Jack health with You Have My Shield?

I’m wondering if the negative health would help them die faster. They lose a percentage of their health regularly, but what if a level 70 shield plus optimism gives them one health? Would they die as soon as they spawn, even without having to run around?

My Jack is only 47 so I can’t yet test if a high health negating shield would lower them enough, but maybe someone has or can test it, if it even works.

I’m pretty sure the negative health affects them. But they have so much health it doesn’t matter, so really YHMS is just keeping them alive longer. Plus Optimism eventually lowers their duration down to 2 seconds anyway, and I’ve never found any need for it to be lower than that.

But if you want them to die instantly then Delegation pretty much accomplishes that to my knowledge.

But I’ll call @boombumr for you in case he has anything to add.

You pretty much covered it.

The Jacks have way more health than you do, over a million. Taking away 30,000 or so and giving them a shield worth 150,000 actually nets them more survivability.

And honestly, anything besides Optimism is a waste if you want to kill them faster. They’ll live for 2 seconds with Optimism, they won’t have time to get shot and take damage. Giving them a shield really serves no purpose since it’ll just take longer for enemies to kill them before Optimism kicks in.

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Oh well, two seconds is good enough. Thank you both for the info!

This is a play style I just don’t get. I see it all the time, but don’t get it. Why would you want your Digi Jacks to die faster? Yes, there is Leadership. But I have no problem setting off my Kill Skills with a quick blast of Merger or a free grenade from Jack’s Cache. And DigiJacks will help keep the Kill Skills going by doing some killin.

The uptime on leadership isn’t nearly as high. Pet builds can have high uptime, but digi-death builds have 100% uptime on everything. It’s hard to beat.

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Eh, never knew that about Leadership. Still, as I said, I never have trouble setting off Kill Skills to open a fight, and my DigiJacks keep the Kill Skills going not just by dying, but by killing as well. So I’ll just stick with my Kill Skills being active 99% of the time, and having my Badass DigiJacks backing me up.

To be fair, your kills kills don’t matter too much when you have badass Jacks since they do so much damage anyway. Also, they have a set fire rate, so while they kill efficiently, they literally can’t kill as fast as a digi-death build, so the DPS is definitely lower overall.

The DP shot is way higher though, especially with roid shields.