Do Unto Others Damage Formula

Do Unto Others is an Amara 5th tier skill in the Brawler’s skill tree, and it only requires 1 point. Spending a point into it makes Amara throw an energy orb at a target who damages her, which deals her action skill (AS) element damage. This has an 8 second cooldown. By default, it does 13,271 damage. If Amara’s AS element is shock, this will deal 13,271*(0.65) = 8626 shock damage on flesh and armor, and 13,271*(2.5) = 33,177 shock damage against shields. If her AS Element is incendiary, *(1.75) against flesh, and *(0.5) against armor and shields. If it’s corrosive, *(1.75) against armor, *(0.65) against flesh, and *(0.5) against shields.

This skill was buffed in the Phase 2 update, where in Mayhem 10, the damage is increased 600%. The default damage becomes 13,271*(1+6) = 92,897, and you just multiply the elemental modifiers depending on the target. This is still very little damage for Mayhem 10.

However, there is a special property not mentioned in the skill. After hitting a target, the orb explodes, dealing damage to all enemies near the target equal (~4.425)(Orb Damage). So if your AS Element is incendiary and hit a flesh target in Mayhem 10, the orb will deal (92,897)(1.75) = 162,569 incendiary damage against the target, and the explosion will deal (92,897)(1.75)(4.425) = 719,371 incendiary damage to all enemies near the target. I’ve only tested this on Mayhem 10, so I’m not sure where this ~4.425 is coming from. I just know it’s between 4.425 and 4.43.

The Orb’s damage is considered Elemental damage and Splash damage. So any skill that increases her Elemental damage (Tempest) or splash damage (Arms Deal) increases her orb damage. This also includes any Class Mod and Artifact that increases Splash/AoE damage, or Amara’s AS’s Element’s damage. The Guardian Rank Elemental Damage also increases the orb’s damage. Increasing the Orb’s damage then, in turn, increases the explosion’s damage.

But here’s the kicker, the Orbs explosion deals Action Skill Damage! Splash and Elemental damage increases only increase the damage of the orb, so they indirectly increase the damage of the explosion. However, increasing your action skill damage increases the explosion’s damage directly. Skills like Do Harm, Jab Cross, and Awakening increase the explosions damage. Passive Action Skill damage increases from Class Mods also increase the explosions damage. The Grenade Mods’ anointment “On Grenade Thrown - Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds.” also increase the explosion’s damage.

With all that being said, here’s the damage formula for Mayhem 10:

Orb Damage:
13,271 * (1 + 6) * (1 + Tempest + Tempest Shock + GR Elemental Damage + Artifact Elemental Damage Passive) * (1 + Arms Deal + Class Mod Splash Damage Passive + Artifact Splash Damage Passive) * (Elemental Modifier)

Explosion Damage:
Orb Damage * (4.425) * (1 + Jab Cross + (Do Harm * Stacks Consumed * (1 + Awakening)) + Class Mod AS Damage Passive) * (1 + Grenade Mod Anoitement)


  • Tempest, Shock, at 5/5, only deals 10% not 20%, and is only applied when Amara’s AS Element is Shock.
  • The Grenade Mod Anointment is multiplicative.

With that being said, When it comes to Laid Bare, it is multiplicative in the formula, but because it’s a debuff, it’s a property of the target, not the orb. So if a target was hit by amara’s AS, if the orb hits them, it will deal (Orb Damage) * (1 + Laid Bare). And if the Orb hits a different target but the explosion hits them, it will deal (Explosion Damage) * (1 + Laid Bare).

To better illustrate this, let’s say:
e1 = Orb Damage without Laid Bare
e2 = e1 * (4.425) * (1 + Jab Cross + (Do Harm * Stacks Consumed * (1 + Awakening)) + Class Mod AS Damage Passive) * (1 + Grenade Mod Anoitement)

If the Orb hit a target not affected by Laid Bare, but the explosion hit a target affected by Laid Bare, the orb will deal e1 and the explosion will deal (e2) * (1 + Laid Bare). If the orb hits a target affected by Laid Bare, and the explosion hit a target not affected by Laid Bare, the orb will deal (e1) * (1 + Laid Bare) and the explosion will deal e2. If both targets are affected by Laid Bare, then the orb will deal (e1) * (1 + Laid Bare), and the explosion will deal (e2) * (Laid Bare).

I hope that made sense. Think of it like the explosion uses the damage of the orb before it hits a target affected by Laid Bare. Like I said, Laid Bare it’s a debuff to the enemy, not a buff to the orb or explosion.

A few more things:

  • The Orb does deal DoT damage, but I didn’t test how that is calculated. I’m also not sure if the explosion also deals DoT damage or not.
  • If you have Helping Hand(s) active, it glitches Do Unto Others. I haven’t tested it extensively, but when you take damage, because the hands for Helping Hand(s) are blocking the damage, there is no free hand to throw the orb? Again, it sounds stupid, but that was what I was experiencing and it all went well when I didn’t have any points in Helping Hand(s).

Edit: So I tested the damage of the 300%/90% health, and it does increase the damage of the orb. The damage follows the the formula as presented, but it it fails to follow the formula of the explosion of the orb. I suspect it has to do with the (4.425-4.43) as it was not precise to begin with and I’m still not sure where it’s coming from. Adding to the fact that big damage numbers make it more difficult to do proper damage testing. But in any case, having a weapon that has the 300/90 anointment does give you a passive damage boost to the orb.

Now, in order to maximize the damage of the orb, you’re gonna need to maximize elemental damage (or the specific element you’re using), your splash damage, your action skill damage, and debuffs like Laid Bare and the 300/90 anointment. from the damage formula, I was testing what would be the best Class Mod to use that has the right combination of skills that will increase the damage of the orb the most. I’ve tested every possible combination of skills distribution provided by Amara’s Class Mods, assuming all your skill points were used to maximize the the orb damage skills, and to make the long story short, Do Harm is the best skill to maximize. Having 10 points in it is your best case. So the Tiger, Dragon, and Stone Class Mods with 5 points in Do Harm are what you should be looking for. Laid Bare would lead to more damage, but because you’re doing a lot of damage with your action skill already, and you need an enemies that you damaged to be the ones the orb targets, you’ll not get this situation very often and the damage would be overkill at this point and rarely occurs.

With all that being said, is this skill worth it? I still don’t think it is. There are 5 things plaguing it, and I’ll go through them:

1- It’s pretty far down the tree. Now that isn’t usually that bad, but in the 5th tier in the Brawler tree, it is competing with Jab Cross and Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is a must take skill if you’ve already reached this far, so that’s 1 point taken. And Since you want to increase your Action Skill Damage, Jab Cross must be taken. So if you want to maximize Jab Cross, you have to over pay in the Brawler tree to also get Do Onto Others, as in, put more points into the tree than needed to reach the final skill, since these are tier 5 skills.

2- The explosion of the orb, which is where most of the damage of Do Unto Others is coming from, is too small. Now, I haven’t tested if the explosion range will increase with increases to splash damage radius, and I don’t know how to even begin to test it, but for what it does now, you rarely get to have enemies bunched together so hard for them to be hit by the explosion. The way this works, the orb goes for the enemy who hit you, so that enemy won’t take much damage, but there have to be enemies very close to it to really get the benefit of this skill, as the skill damages the enemies surrounding the target way more than the target itself. I only found skags and the creature slaughter challenge to be where this skill is most effective. As it is now, the explosion damage is not very reliable.

3- The cooldown is too high to make it a viable source of damage. 8 seconds between each orb is a lot of time, for the damage it does, and how unreliable it’s capability of damage is, makes it an inefficient source of damage.

4- It’s inability to function with Helping Hand(s), and ability that synergizes really well with the skill since you do depend on getting hit to trigger the effect, really puts a damper on its usability. I do think this a glitch and should be fixed.

5- This ability only works on builds that depend on doing damage with your action skills. This really reduces the extent of builds that will benefit from this skill. And even when you do make a build like that, it’s still an iffy choice to put this skill for the reasons stated above.

I would love to see someone do a build that maximizes the damage of this skill. I made a skill tree build below to maximize the damage:

Amara Do Unto Others Build

You can distribute other skills not related to the orb damage as you see fit for how you want to play. Stone Class Mod would be your best choice for this build, as the 3% damage reduction for each stack of rush, 10% chance to get a rush stack when getting hit, and increase of maximum stack by 5 synergize incredibly well with this ability. You want all 5 points in do harm, and you want the two passives 36% increase to splash damage, and 39% action skill damage.

For your artifact, you want the passives 48% increase to Area of Effect/Splash Damage, and the 24% increase to Incendiary/Shock elemental damage. You can use any artifact that functions well with your build. For shields, you can use an Old God for the extra elemental damage, or you can use a Black Hole or Void Rift to pull in enemies. For Shield anointment, you can use “On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate” or “On action skill end - Damage taken is reduced by 13%” as general helpers, or “On Action Skill Start - Activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill” for the black hole ones. Or just the “On action skill end - 50% bonus elemental damage (specific element) with weapons for 10 seconds” for your build.

For the Grenade Mod, the " It’s Piss" with the anointment “On Grenade Thrown - Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds” is the best to maximize the Do Unto Others’ damage.

Finally, get any weapon you like with the 300/90 anointment since it does affect the orbs damage.


Thanks for all this. I can’t imagine the work that must go into testing everything and the amount of time that takes.

The skill was actually starting to sound quite impressive (my Amara has 5 Arms Deal, 7 Jab Cross, 5 Do Harm, 4 Tempest and splash rolls on both her com and artifact) but then that last note puts a dampener on things. If I’ve fit to choose between Helping Hands and Do Unto Others, I’ll be choosing the Hands.