Do we console players still need aim assist?

I make it short. See the title.
I tunred it off and it was great but harder, but still possible with a bit skill.

So why there is still aim assist on console? If the games are getting slower cause turning off then its even better!

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Because it’s much easier to aim with a mouse?

Also with the amount of lag I get I wouldn’t hit anything without it.

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Aim assist is great for console… I’ve played with a mouse & keyboard and it is a LOT better than my pad… The precision just can’t be matched…

If there was no aim assist altogether, I’m sure I’d be happy too because it would be like that globally and everyone would be over stepping their aim, I remember trying it in another game and the difference was mental…

In reply to your question though… No keep it, makes the game a lot more mistake free :blush:

Because historically, any FPS on Consoles without aim assist has failed to garner players.

I dont think that we still nee a bot which aims for us.

See. With a bit skill you can achieve his level even without aim assist.
Of course then we need better gamepad settings like constant accelleartion, faster sensivity and deadzone.

Rainbow Six Siege dont have it and its great and successfull.
There is aim assist for Pve on normal and hard /if you are using a controller/, but disabled on the highest difficulty and no aim assist in PVP. This is it how it should be :smiley:

Yes but you play against gamepad players on console so its indifferent.

Its not about that you have to reach mouse keyboard level with your gamepad. Its about that everyone has no aim assist and everyone plays with gamepad on console. We want to messure our skill against each other but letting a bot aim, this is so meh…


But maybe it should make trend in ranked modes…