Do we even have a Support for BL3?

Like how does this work? we report bugs and issues and no one from Dev gets back to us.

All we get is other players either giving half baked solutions or numerous other players saying yes it happened to them too.

Where is your proper Technical support Gearbox???

Like I haven’t seen a single reply to bugs by any Gearbox support team. (the threads i have checked)

This is frustrating give us a proper support page so we contact you or get thru means of messaging or email.

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If I were a Dev for BL3, would I read through hundreds or thousands of unorganized bug reports, complaints, suggestions, and random humor? No.

An inner circle of disciplined beta testers has done this already. The Devs know these bugs exist. This forum allows general public players to feel like they are part of a team to fix or enhance the game. They can vent here, but I doubt it will make a difference in the quality and timeliness of a patch.

In general, GBX has adopted a policy of not announcing anything until they are ready to do so. There have been a couple of posts on the official Twitter feed confirming that the team is monitoring through all the feedback and working through the priority issues. The community manager has also confirmed that to the moderators in back-channel chat.

This page has the current support issues and known solutions, and will be updated as fixes continue:

If you’re experiencing specific issues or have uncovered a bug, support is the link at the top of that page, which takes you here:

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thank you for the links