Do we have a volunteer for an Aurelia Skills Guide?

I’d do it but I don’t play coop atm and therefore it would be impossible for me to evaluate her skills in the Contractual Aristocracy tree. If somebody would do the third tree I’d do the rest.

Would you test her if you had someone to play with or you just don’t touch coop atm? Because I could definitely help anyone, I’m on the ps3

I’m on PC. I don’t want to play coop at the moment even if one of my buddies would still play TPS. Nothing personal, just enjoying the little me time I have atm.

Totally understand that man! I usually play first time by myself cause I look at every nook or cranny, but now I have played 4 times through all alone so I want to play with others

We should wait a bit, its too early none of us really know her that well yet.

Wouldn’t matter for me because it would encourage a discussion. It doesn’t need to be perfect from the beginning. The progress is a very interesting part, too.

If you don’t object I’d use your top gear and skills guide threads for Athena as a base frame for Aurelia.

Not at all, consistent guides are a great thing

OK then, I’ll begin tomorrow. Thanks.

If you still want some feedback I’ve been focusing on the Contractual Aristocracy tree to start with

Contractual Obligations

I don’t know how I would rate this, on its own its nothing but since the whole tree is based around it you almost have to rate it on the skill tree itself. Co-op Great, single player worthless???

Duchess - works in solo

I think this is going to be one of those skills every build should get, great to outstanding. At first glace a skill that boosts accuracy isn’t much but tier one and it only takes 2 points is a pretty big deal. At 100 stacks (and it doesn’t take long to get there) 80% accuracy is a game changer with many guns, I was using a tediore splitter and it almost looked like a single beam. Now the fact you can boost it 7/2 is another big deal. 5/5 skills you can get to 11 which is just over double the base skill. This skill you over triple what it can do. At full stacks and 7/2 thats 280% accuracy and that can bring almost any gun to max accuracy. If you are using anything with multi pellets this is huge if you are not its still worth the 2 points.


This is like the above skill but this time it only works in co-op and the buff again is great. at 2/2 and max stacks you get 40% for you and 30% for your servant. I don’t think this is nearly as good as Duchess but boosting both of you is really solid and who doesn’t like reload speed. Now at 7/2 it gets pretty impressive, 140%/105% is really impressive.

Protect your Assets

I have yet to spec into this, while Boosting both of your shield and health capacity for Master and Servant is nice, it might not be needed or ideal for your partner, and the other skill in this tier might be a better bet. If you are leveling up and you are not finding blue or better guns get this, other wise skip it. I wouldn’t rate it bad, just very average.

You First

I think this is a pretty amazing yet quiet skill. 1 point and on kill you restore over half of your partners shield. Unless they are playing roid melee this is outstanding.

Quality not Quantity - works in solo

I really think this is a great skill, its half of wreck but always on if your gun is blue or better and between mission rewards, item of the day, golden chest, etc… It’s not hard to have blue or better guns. Both damage and fire rate on one skill is always amazing and there are many coms that boost this as well. With all of the crit and cryo buffs skills like this are really important to build those multiplicative skills. I just checked and all 3 legendary coms boost this skill.

Excellent Shot, Madam

This is outstanding. So your servant damages enemies in anyway, including grenades, ice shard, anything that I have seen so far and enemies are set up. If you shoot a set up enemy you add cryo to your shot. The cryo damage so far that I have seen is usually higher than my bullet unless I hit a crit. So its like adding over 100% splash damage to a lot of shots. Even on snipers its more than a body shot. Also this helps you with the next tier’s single point skill because adding that damage to enemies your servant shot first helps you beat them to the kill.

All Glory to the Master

This is either great or outstanding. When your servant shoots an enemy first and you kill them you convert a valet stack to one of these and these boost crits. At 250 stacks its 100% crit damage for you and 50% for your servant. This can take a bit to stack so its not often I get past 150 stacks of this before we call it a session but even 100 stacks gives you 40%/20% and for one point thats amazing. Look at your 5/5 skills and just take one point and you get around 6% crit damage for only you.

Next to Cleanliness - works in solo

This is another really solid skill, gun damage and reload speed in one. 20% for both and only for you at 5/5. If you are taking all the DPS skills by this point you have buffed your base damage 3 times for 60%, Accuracy 80%, Reload speed 60%, Fire rate 15%, Critical hit damage (100 stacks to be realistic) 40%. Now with this one you are limited to NE, shock, cryo damage but the way she works thats not that big of a deal. The explosive kinda sucks and maybe holds this back but I really like this skill and the balance you are seeing for DPS in this skill tree.

Keep your Chin Up

This is yet another really really good skill. At 5/5 anytime you or your servant get a kill you heal the other one for 9.5% of their total health. While thats not a huge number you rack up kills easily in this game and can keep each other quite healthy, your servant more so because at this point you should also be healing their shield for 55% on kill as well. The other 2 nice things about this, there is no range limitation and since its based on max health it work with health stacking. Now if you boost this by a com, then you are looking at around 20% and then it really adds up quickly.

Podsnappery - works in solo

I don’t care for this, generally skills that boost depending on how low your health is need some pretty big buffs to make it worth it. The boosts are very good and shield recharge delay -35% at 5/5 is great, even more so for survival but I again just don’t generally like these and the tree is full of really good skills. More fire rate again is great but not at the cost of low health.

Save the Queen

If you get hit by melee then that enemy is marked for your servant and now he/she adds cryo to their shot. I don’t know yet how the damage is because I haven’t used this yet. While a lot of it is like Excellent Shot which I think is outstanding but to set up an enemy you have to be hit with melee. That is my issue, Aurelia isn’t a melee range fighter to start with, next she freezes enemies like crazy so she shouldn’t be hit by melee, and lastly you should be able to avoid getting hit by melee most of the time anyways. If something else triggered this it could be amazing but as it stands I don’t care for it.

A Backhand to Remember

I’m not sure what I think of this yet, at first look it seems like her weakest capstone and since tier 5 is kinda weak this might be a good third tree to just get down halfway on. The cryo and knockback on melee is nice but like I said above she isn’t a melee range character and she has a ton of ways to freeze. If the buffs were more than movement speed and reload speed it would be more tempting but to get into melee range to activate this might not always be worth it.

Overall I think this tree has massive potential, all the buffs to your servant, both survival and dps really helps and its a lot of fun on top of it. I think it really compliments both of the other skill trees well to. So many well rounded DPS buffs help the overly heavy cryo and critical hit trees. Even solo its worth 10 points for Duchess and Quality not Quantity and again there are multiple coms that boost those as well as skills in the other trees.

My favorite com’s for this tree are

The Master

I like this in blue because it hits both tier 4 skills that I love and I usually take both and skip tier 5. So at level 60 you are looking at 29% reload speed from the com and 11/5 NtC is 44% gun damage and another 44% reload speed. Add the 40% from valet and you are over 100% reload speed from just this tree. Then add the 19% instant health back for you and your servant on each kill and this is a very well balanced com with both DPS and Survival.


I like this in purple with +4 to both Duchess and Valet and +5 to NtC. Getting your stack limit to 300 gets you up to 240% accuracy and +120% reload speed, add the +40% gun and reload from NtC and thats a lot of DPS and the Accuracy again lets you do crazy stuff with multi pellet guns. The passive health regen is just ok but nice.


I’ll be happy to give my thoughts, most of my knowledge is with Cold Money and non-sniper Huntress skills (aside from the capstone which I love).

Also have good mentions for the top gear thread.

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This is how far I got. After the first few lines I thought: “I’m not good at that. Let others do the writing stuff with correct grammar.” Sorry for the sudden drawback (is this the correct term?). Maybe I’ll be able to help in some way.
In case somebody else wants to do that feel free to use the opening below and the descriptions in my Winter is Coming guide.

This is a guide to all of Aurelia’s skills, what to take, not to take, synergies, etc… I am as new to this as most of you so please let me know if you agree or disagree as I will be very open to making edits and changes. The character is too new to know everything, so this will be a living document and hopefully as the past guides a community guide of everyone’s thoughts.

Before we start I want to give thanks to @Derch who allowed me to use his Athena Skills Guide as a base frame for this guide.

Here is the scale:

  • :star:
    Sub-par: These are the skills that are generally bad and its really hard to make them worthwhile.
  • :star::star:
    Below Average: These are skills that can be useful but requires you to build around them a bit, just throwing them in to move down a tree is a usually bad idea because there are better options.
  • :star::star::star:
    Average: These are the skills that are solid choices to move to the skills you really want.
  • :star::star::star::star:
    Great: These skills will make the game much easier and should be taken always if you are at that point in the tree they are located in
  • :star::star::star::star::star:
    Outstanding: Skills of this rating will be gamechangers that you base your build and playstyle around, they should be taken with almost every set up if you are in that tree.

The rating is relative to the skills of Aurelia and not to those of the other vault hunters.

The Huntress

Markswoman :star::star::star:

Increases Critical Hit Damage and Aim Speed with all gun types.

  • 5/5: +30% Critical Hit Damage, +100% Aim Speed
  • 11/5: +77%

Cold Money

Avalanche :star::star::star:

Contractual Aristocracy

Duchess :star::star:

You can find the other characters skill guides below:

This thread is part of the Dear Doctor Dumbass Series

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I don’t see any issues with that opening.

Thanks, but it’s just way too time-consuming to write and revise/correct it. After I’ve finished the Winter is Coming guide I swore I’ll never do that again… Actually I swore that when I wrote my last guide for Krieg. :sweat_smile: Anyways, this time I’ll heed my inner voice.

Will this be a DDD guide like the others?

What are the characteristics of a DDD guide?

Same damn thing as the rest, call it DDD and link the master thread and the other character guides to it.
It’s just a way to make sure people can search it up easier and the youtube bullocks I have to do later on.

OK, thanks for the explanation.

Easy peasy stuff. I’d love to have you on the team though.

This is one of the reasons i have hard times doing any write ups lately.

I’d do it but I’m busy and I think there are people that have actual time to play her.