Do we have anything resembling a timeframe for the next beta's release?

title. cant take much more of the other games ive been playing

No new updates as of yet. I’d keep an eye on the forums, the Gearbox news page, their Twitter feed and their Facebook page and hopefully you’ll catch the news when it’s first released.

I’m dying here. My current games aren’t even fun anymore. %100 both of them. Need something new and competitive. “Summon Battleborn!”

I’m hoping it’ll be around this month or the one that comes afterwards.

I wish I knew as well. I was hoping for an early February beta, but it looks like that isn’t happening. I check their twitter about 4 or 5 times a day hoping to see some new info. Here’s hoping we hear some good news soon. I really want to give Toby a whirl and I’m itching to try out some different Reyna builds.

Reyna is awesome. :slightly_smiling:

And now Galilea is looking pretty badass as well. THey have really done an awesome job making the female characters really appealing in this game.

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Very much so. I’m quite happy with this.

yeah, as much as i love gearbox and try to remain as positive as possible, this is the first time i have ever heard of a closed test coming out the better part of a year before the release of the game. and before anyone says it isn’t that long, it is close to an 8 month difference. not having another beta in that amount of time is kind of strange, imo. especially when the game is releasing in may, and they directly stated on multiple occasions that early 2016 would be an open beta. although very vague, i think that they know that most people would conclude that would mean late january, early feb. hear we are in early feb, and not a word…

I hope we’ll hear something very soon.

it’s gonna hurt worse when beta is ps4 exclusive for a month. hope they can stream

If we can stream it I plan on streaming the *%^$ out of it.

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yeah, thanks for reminding me. that is bullshiit. im so tired of this exclusivity crap. i had to deal with it in destiny for over a year now. i honestly will not watch it being streamed until i can play it because it will make me very upset

I’m totally agree with you !!! :wink:

Yep ! ^^ But The Galilea’s Ult disturbing me… The character is badass af but her ult… :pensive:

Count on me streaming the living &*%& out of it. Not in a gloating kind of way but in a promotional way. It’ll be awesome if we can get a 5 person stream going to show the different POVs.


Same, for the sake of the community

I assume the beat will only run for about a week, so likely the PS users will have the first day? I’m a PS4 user, but i’m sick of crap like this. I really wanted to play Tomb Raider. When I saw the Microsoft exclusive period I couldn’t believe it.

Anyhoo, Galilea looks entertaining (link below). Quite like that stun ability, would like to see more so hope she’s in the beta.

The stun is badass, but that 20 second cooldown seems steep. All her cooldowns seem rather steep actually. I’m guessing there will be some cooldown relief in her helix. She looks really fun though.

Oh I know
I was looking forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider but the Microsoft deal kinda killed it for me with their timed exclusive deal. Rumor says we won’t see a PS4 release until much later this year
As for the BattleBorn beta, I’ll admit I feel a wee bit guilty for having first access to the beta and a 26th character…but not totally guilty.

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