Do we have to have dedicated loot drops?

i understand that it has always been that you could go to a certain boss to get certain loot. I am not trying to hate, but for my play style thats is so boring. it was my least favorite thing about BL2. I acutally like how the loot drops. my son and i get on and just go explore the lands and see what we find. its crazy that all the loot that people talk about on youtube we have found twice over, at least on the gun side. Grenades and class mods are a different story. i just wish it was a different way to do it than having to fight this same boss hundreds of times and restart the game a hundred times. maybe tie the legendaries to certain areas instead of bosses.

p.s if you r having a hard time finding the great orange weapons mayhem 3 is where it at. no farming needed. just explore and get into plenty of fire fights.


Who said it would be either one or the other? It’s possible to have items as global/world drops and also assigned to specific enemies.


It would be an extremely bad idea for them to move everything to dedicated drop only. Ideally, they keep world drops plentiful but just make certain enemies more likely to drop certain items for farmers.

If they go back to the pure BL2 model, I will also be here to rabble with the rest.


i didnt think of it that way. But do you believe they would have to nerf the drop rate? In thought it seems like the legendaries would be to easy to attain. which is part of the fun.


I definitely agree with your comment. I hope that this is what GBX is pursuing here; i.e., assign higher chances for specific loot drops to certain bosses and/or minibosses.

However, what I really would like to see GBX avoid - and I hope they have learned this lesson from BNK3R, Saturn, etc., is to stay away from crowded loot pools that make farming those items such a pain. If they are going to assign specific drops to enemies, make those specific drops have an independent chance to drop outside of the random world drop loot pool for that enemy. In other words, have a random world drop loot pool for the enemy AND ALSO a chance to drop the specific drop.

I really like all the random world drops in BL3. I also really like being able to farm a boss/enemy for a specific drop. Both of those chances should be independent of one another, if possible, to avoid crowded loot pools. I hope GBX is listening to this input!

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Having dedicated drops and keeping world drops would be ideal. They would probably adjust drop rate. Lowering it would be fine for me. Right now leggos are so easy to get. Instead of excitement of finding a new one i think oh boy where am i putting this one.
I dont even get a chance to try one out and another drops. And im only on mh1.

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Anything better then current system where there is only a few real loot sources. Myself i would go more to weighted loot sources. Keep world drops but have certain sources that have a better chance at certain types or manufacturers loot. But with current itemization that would still suck because of the fact there SO many useless legendarys so 90%+ of the game would still be useless. Bosses shouldn’t be the main loot source anyway noone likes watching the game load off and on all day. Atleast in bl2 some loot runs were multiple sources and wasn’t just kill a boss and log for everything.

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