Do we know how many years passed between the games, lorewise?

Do we know how long it was from when all the characters got off the bus in the BL1 to the beginning of BL3?

My understanding is that Tiny Tina was 13 in BL2 and is “pushing 20” in BL3, so that’s 6-7 years between those games. Also, there was an interview with writer Danny Hoffman, where he said 7 years.

But there was also a not-insignificant amount of time between BL1 and Bl2 (including the entire pre-sequel). Do we know how long that was?

BL to BL2 was 5
and then 7* to BL3

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How do you know the 5? Not challenging you, just curious.

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(Cant remember source) but I was just looking for a source right now from the creators and All i got were ill legitimate responses.

So from what i thought i knew, was that ^
But then i remembered (again just off of gut feeling from playing the games over and over)
BL to BL2 is 3 years and the 5 years was from BLTPS to BL3
BL2 to BL3 is 7
and BL2 to BLTPS is 2 years

Ill look for source cause i know in game in bl2 it does say something.

Ah you know what I defo got my idea from a fan wiki i believe. I still doubt but it was probly long ago so memory is messed.

wow i musta been so young and just ran with it :open_mouth:

But i still remember something implying it in BL2 so ill have to replay it and i will see what i find. I love the lore so its not torture :slight_smile:

They say many times in BL2 that it takes place five years after BL1. They don’t say exactly when The Pre-Sequel (the Elpis parts) happens in between them, though.

The Lilith DLC in BL2 mentions that it’s been a full year since Mordecai stopped drinking so he can raise Talon, who is hatched very shortly after Jack’s death. All the rest of BL2’s DLC, plus Tales and Athena’s interrogation in TPS, happens within this year.

After the Lilith DLC, it’s another six years and then BL3 starts.

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Why does the wiki think Zombie Island isn’t canon? Dr. Ned appears in Robot Revolution (which definitely is canon) and clearly references his prior role as having happened. Bloody Hollow is debatable, but TK’s line about “not wanting to mess with canon” is more about him needing to remain dead in the main game so the side-quest with his niece can make sense.

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And also, How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day is canon according to that, but it’s just as whimsically fantastical as the two Halloween themed DLCs. So… yeah. :man_shrugging: