Do we know which battleborn will be immediately available?

if i missed this somewhere, then forgive me for asking. i looked into the “everything you need to know” document, but i did not see the specific information. i saw someone comment elsewhere that someone was or was not going to be initially available to play in the 7 or whatever readily available battleborn. where did he or she get this information?

Just have a look here:

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Rath, Thorn, Miko, Oscar Mike, Montana, Marquis and Orendi

This raises my very first concern about BB, a game I have otherwise looked forward to. I hadn’t realised how few characters were available to start with. My interest is playing the campaign, primarily solo. I like exploring different strategies with a variety of skills. The prospect of having 25 skill sets to take through the campaign has been very attractive. But I only get 7 as default. I see that only 5 Challenges can be achieved in single player on “normal” difficulty. So, in the short term, that only gives me 12 characters and not all of those are the ones I’m most keen to try.

Given that, I’ll be dependent on Command Rank. I have no idea how quickly you can gain ranks during campaign play. If the system is such that it becomes harder to gain ranks as you “level up”, it might be a long time before I see characters like Ghalt and Deande. I might even lose interest before I get to the “interesting” characters.

Can anyone cheer me up and tell me it’s easy to accumulate Command Ranks, please :slight_smile:

P.S. I fully accept BB “is what it is” and I will/won’t buy it on that basis. However, my view of the design of games in general is that if a player has paid money for the product, they should be able to play all the game offers (within reason) without jumping through difficulty or grinding hoops.

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Thanks for the (incredibly :grinning: ) quick reply, Tokesy. I hope that’s the case but could it be all the characters were available for the Beta? I know a lot of the Internet gaming pundits who were invted to play the game by GBX had access to all characters.

well then it looks like i will be forced to do things i dont want to do before i can do things i want to do… that sucks. i am personally not going into pvp until i have my character. i am not one who likes to play multiple characters. so basically i am going to be forced to spend half the beta in pve gaining command rank before i can even play my character.

wtf is the point of doing that in such a short beta? that makes no sense.

Probably :slight_smile: I know the open beta is coming but I didn’t know the proper name of what’s happening at the moment.

That makes me feel better. I don’t mind a few hours over a few days to get all the characters unlocked. I was just concerned it might be weeks or months.

What happens if your team doesn’t need that character, or desperately needs another role?

i probably had around a 15.0 kd in the ctt… i know my role and i play it pretty well. there will never not be the necessity for an assassin/dps character on a team. if i were a support/collector/minion type character it would be different, but when it comes to killing other players, you really just want whatever that player is effective with.

which character is it?

i perfected phoebe. early to close to late game it was very difficult to shut me down, unless i encountered premade teams, as i only played solo. even other phoebes 1v1 were not an issue. all i needed was a half competent miko on my team, maybe a good rath, and it was 500 to 50 every game…

late game, phoebe was weak. if it was a close game, and these were extremely rare, a late game oscar mike is more overpowered than anything in the game. he becomes unstoppable at late game. and he almost always gets his levels because he is a minion machine.

You only need 50 kills to unlock her though. Is it really not worth at least trying a few other characters to unlock her? Also they nerfed Phoebe’s preparation skill that allows her to stun enemies after hitting them with blade rush, so now they are just silenced instead, just as a heads up.

do you have a link so i dont have to look through a bunch of stuff i dont want to look through? you may have just literally saved me $60 and a HUGE disappointment. no way in hell will i play this game if they nerfed phoebe anymore than they did in the ctt

EDIT: actually i could not wait and just went and looked it up myself. it seems they have changed the verb, but they do not give any idea as to what silencing someone will mean. i think they had stunned before, but silenced sounds even worse than stunned. obviously they would never buff her, but perhaps they did not change that.

idk Pheobe was pretty OP in ctt i think its fair to make the game balanced.

EDIT: afaik her stun started at 5seconds, nerfed to 3seconds, and now nerfed to 3 second silence. 5second stun? was hella OP…

Silencing keeps enemy Battleborn from using any skills for however long the effect lasts.

This guy wasn’t too stoked about it either, but ya silenced just means they can’t use any of their abilities, which is still useful against some characters, but less so against others.

well at least on the bright side i found out before i downloaded the beta or pre ordered the game. i cant thank you enough for accidentally bringing this to my attention. i will not be planning to play this game now. i have played way too competitively in other games and seen how nerfs have ruined the game. i have absolutely no respect for a nerf that happens when no one really even knows how to play yet, and all the characters weren’t even available.

towards the end of the ctt, players were learning how to play various characters, and phoebe became weaker and weaker. people started mastering melk, reyna, benedict and oscar mike, and my success was leveling off substantially. they already nerfed her survivability, and now this. i have zero respect for a nerf before the game even comes out. i had a very long conversation with one of the devs during the ctt right after the first nerf, and he was able to make some sense. phoebe was brought down to earth. now she is just trash. rath will be way stronger, oscar mike already was and will be stronger… peace out, battleborn. and i had a whole list of friends that were going to get the game with me and switch permanently from destiny. nerfs and crap like this is exactly why we were leaving destiny. im not going through this crap again.

Oh come on. Don’t you think this is a bit premature? You haven’t even played the char and already make fuss about the fact that Devs are actually trying to balance the game. In CTT Pheobe was op and it did not require much effort to own with her. She was nerfed and became a bit more tolerable, bit still that 2 or 3 seconds nerfed stun was really gimmicky and was still way to costly on receiving end. That’s why you could see her picked in 90% of matches on both sides.
Silence sounds better, because it still gives the prey some chance to fight back and basically will mean that Pheobe players will have to think if they can take down the player fast enough after phasegate or they have to try to get jump on people without it and leave it for escape.
It still has her uses, the gap-closer and right click annoying movement which makes her still awesome at picking out lone and especially already hurt targets, as well as initiating big fights by taking out healers and similar stuff. Just that you need to know what you are doing, not just stun and kill people…

you would have a strong case if there weren’t characters like rath, oscar mike, and orendi. if you think phoebe was overpowered after the first nerf, then everyone is going to be crying for a rath nerf. a knock up and a blind? not to mention that rath’s ultimate was 10x better than phoebe’s. you can say what you want about phoebe’s stun, but without it she is nothing.

i spent some time looking into the silence this evening. i was able to watch gameplay of it. it doesn’t even reliably proc and enemies are still able to use abilities. not to mention that there are players that are not ability reliant.

we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. i think that where we differ is that you might be looking at this from the perspective of a normal fps game where teams can have multiples of the same character. in a game where only one is allowed on either team, one being arguably slightly stronger than the rest does not affect anything.

I would say more like she was still annoying to play against after first nerf. Melee char that has stun which is basically usefull only in short range and which can take like half enemy hp during the stun duration does not sound like a good decision from game development side in my book.
And I would still argue that Pheobe’s main strength was as is the ability to engage anyone you want on the battlefield, no matter their placement or what’s between you and them.