Do we know why there was no Sanctuary 2?

We seemingly skipped from Sanctuary 1 to 3 unless I’m forgetting something obvious. Was The Backburner implied to be Sanctuary 2?

Or perhaps it gets destroyed early on in BL3 and that causes us to leave Pandora?

Was Sanctuary 2 when Lilith made it go all helicarrier in BL2? <really hoping we’re past the need for spoiler warnings now…>

man… I really don’t know. I feel like some part of me in the deep recesses of my mind remembers that but… i’m just not sure. I assumed it was still S1 since it was physically the same space, just flying now.

and yeah, I think spoilers for a 7 year old game on that game’s dedicated discussion boards are probably okay.

We don’t talk about Sanctuary 2.


Avengers happened between borderlands 2 and 3.

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Some kind of copyright thing, can’t remember the details.
EDIT: yep, @donotreplyserver is right, there’s a spaceship in avengers: infinity war called sanctuary 2.


we don’t speak of sanctuary 2

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wow. copyright law is stupid and broken and Disney can eat my REDCATED. am I allowed to say REDACTED here?

I hope gearbox does something that addresses it, like some corporate oligarch buys and immediately wrecks sanctuary 2 with incompetence.

don’t get me wrong, huge MCU fan, but this is just another in a long list of ugly business decisions.

EDIT: changed the language, as i’m thinking it’s not okay around here.

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I get where you’re coming from, but this is a common occurence in business, it’s not just disney being a big meanie. People have just come to accept that it saves a lot of headache if they just stay out of each other’s way.

Did you hear about the indie game Ion Maiden recently? They had to change their name because Iron Maiden’s representatives came after them. There was also the Mojang game, Scrolls, and the circus with Bethesda and Elder Scrolls. And those are just some news-worthy ones, the list goes on and on.

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oh yeah, I hear about it all the time and it’s always ■■■■■■■■. There was one involving Prey and Prey to the Gods that seemed the most egregious. The worst examples come from Zenimax. Scrolls could somehow be confused for The Elder Scrolls? no. overly litigious bullies.


Bethesda also apparently ran into issues when they wanted to Title the next Elderscrolls game Elderscrolls VI Redfall.

I thought it was stated somewhere in the game what sanctuary 1 was?

I think sanctuary 2 was the one in BL2 but it was referred as just Sanctuary?

Or maybe there really was a failed sanctuary 2 between BL2 and BL3.

Sanctuary existed in BL1 but we never got to go there in that game. The towns we had were Old Haven which was taken over by Atlas, and New Haven which was destroyed by Jack.

Some people could think Sanctuary 2 is technically when the city took to the air in BL2. However if you google search Sanctuary 2 you should get some results alluding to potential copywrite issues with certain entities that are probably best avoided.

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I find it odd that the characters in the game simply refer to the ship as “Sancturary” - not Sanctuary III. The only place I’ve seen that name is the one sign inside the ship. I am wondering if the III is just an artistic flourish and was not intended to be part of the name?

On the map title card while it’s loading, you can clearly see the card name is just “Sanctuary” while the ship name on the arch has the III to the right.


Sanctuary 1 was in Borderlands 1. Elena Pierce said she cut off access to it so Baron Flynt would get to it. Then, we all know Sanctuary 2 was above Caustic Cavern and so on.

Bit of a necro there!

Found out that Ellie clears up the mystery in one of her dialogue lines (echo I think?) Sanctuary 1 is the Sanctuary referenced in BL1 and ‘home’ in BL2, destroyed to stop Hector (5th DLC). Sanctuary III is the ship in BL3, and “We don’t talk about Sanctuary II”. I take that last line to mean that it blew up.

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it is copyrighted by marvel

Some quotes;

  • “We don’t talk about Sanctuary II.” - Live quote by Randy Pitchford.
  • The secrecy surrounding Sanctuary II is reaffirmed in an ECHO Log left by Ellie in a hidden room at Sanctuary III’s drydock in The Droughts: “We don’t talk about Sanctuary II, though. Probably better that way.”

And as @lolli42 said, Sanctuary II is a Marvel property, specifically Thanos’s ship in Infinity Wars.