Do We Need a NewManaul?

There’s no manual on Steam. Will an old manual still work?

Jim Cobb

Enough has changed that I would recommend playing the tutorial instead of using the old manual. Still, a lot of the information from the old one does still apply.

Thanks. I did do the tutorial and hoping the layouts in the orders/formation panels are the same as the ones in the old manual I just downloaded.

The CE could do with a new manual as it’s pretty obvious when they tried to retcon the original story they missed the paragraph before the one they changed that directly contradicts their changes. Whoops!

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CE? I’m cot familiar with that term.

What retcons did they make to the original story? And does that means that a game manual actually came with the Collector edition of the game?

I’m just asking since the original game’s manual had some of my favorite lore-building in gaming history, which has made one of it’s writers(Arinn Dembo, then writing as nom-de-plume Marcus Skyler. And who still work in the game industry at Kerberos Productions these days) one of my favorites in the game industry.

Help…total noob here and I could really use a “remastered manuat”! Things “in game” don’t correlate, hot keys don’t seem to be what I think they should be and I would love to have a manual that explains things I don’t understand? List would be too long but manual would be great!

@bismarck71: That’s one area where the old manual will screw you up. HW Remastered runs on a modified version of Homeworld 2, and they’ve kept both HW1 formations and HW2 strike groups. Since both are there, a lot of key bindings have changed. Mouse over the formation button (or whatever feature you’re looking for at the moment) and get the hot key from that. Often, it’s a key combination.

Also, CE=Collector’s Edition

@Ludovsky: Yes, one of the big draws to the Collector’s Edition was a complete manual, including a fuller story line than what was in the original HW1 manual. More historical and cultural background, if I’m not mistaken.

@pegrod99: The only thing I can recommend is contacting Valve (Steam) support and see if they can talk Gearbox into providing an electronic copy of the manual with the next HW:R update. (With all the bugs in it, there really needs to be updates…)

Great reply. We should all lobby Steam for a new manual.

Can you gives me more details about the details? I often chat with Arinn Dembo on Twitter who wrote a lot of the lore in HW1’s manual(part of the history of Kharak, specifically background informations involved the Kiiths Paktu, Soban and Manaan) and we were discussing about the lack of digital manual for the Remastered edition.

It’s actually through her that I learned that originally Kharan S’jet was not supposed to step out of the Mothership upon the liberation of Hiigara as the processes meant to make her the living core of the Mothership was originally meant to be irreversible to add even more to the thematic of exodus akin to Moses who lead his people to the promised land but could not join them there.
Relic felt that was too dark and gloomy of an ending and decided to go with the one we know of where she actually managed to join her people on Hiigara.

I played the original years ago and would still like a manual for my steam copy of HW remastered

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@Ludovsky: Sorry, man, afraid not. I don’t own the collector’s edition, so I don’t know any details about what’s included. All I know is the tidbits I’ve seen online.

Aww okay, my apologies for my assumptions and thanks for the infos!

No problem. here’s what’s on the Amazon page:

A revised Historical Briefings and Artwork book includes the
backstory of the Homeworld universe, some newly uncovered details from
the game’s creators plus a dazzling collection of original concept art
by Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz.

Retrieved from

It looks like info on the CE has been removed from

Originally: They found the derelict on Kharak and reverse engineered the hyperspace core in the ship. They made a few test ones, then built a direct copy of the found one but scaled up 12x

Retcon: They ‘refurbished’ the found core for use in the mothership. But the previous paragraph that talks about making a direct copy but scaled up 12x is actually still in the CE’s manual, so it’s contradictory. And all on the same page. :E

The refurbished part is because of HW2; it being one of the three cores that is part of that story.

Retcons are not uncommon, unexpected or the sign of the devil :wink:

Poorly written ones are, though!

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In the case of the above where a mistake was made in including both paragraphs? Unfortunate but not from the devil.

If you are talking about retconning “direct copy to refurbish” I kind of think it’s a rather elegant retcon personally, being able to with a single concept change, and a simple one at that, be able to write the story you want. Quite elegant indeed.

And still not the sign of the devil :wink:

It still doesn’t erase the fact that the Kadeshi exodus ship had the same exact hyperspace core signature as the salvaged ship.

Homeworld 2’s story work was just full of plot holes and there’s no getting around that.

To be fair, some of the writers who worked on HW1(the same who also worked on HW:Cata before it’s canoncity was retconned by relics) actually weren’t called back for HW2. One of these two writers who weren’t called back, Arinn Dembo, was the person who’d come up with the concept and word for Kiiths in the first place in fact(she also specifically wrote the backgrounds for Kiith Paktu, Soban and Manaan) to give you an idea of some of the impact they had on designing HW1.