Do we need more ammo SDUs?

For those not playing 1-shot boss-killing builds, Mayhem level 4 might be a matter of resource management. I’ve run out of ammo in a few fights before, and it’s not really fun. Some weapons are virtually unusable for me, because they burn through ammo so quickly (looking at you Lyuda).

I have no idea what Mayhem 2.0 will bring as far as mob-sponginess, but I am approaching that stage where I need more ammo storage. Sure there are a few options and builds that don’t have ammo concerns, but for the sake of diversity, I think GB should consider offering another tier or two of SDUs, specifically for ammo. But I would be OK with just more tiers for everything.

Is anyone else concerned that fights in M10 will be finished with Infinities and Chads?

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slam anywhere guardian perk + cutpurse launchpad = infinite ammo

I will take bank space instead please


nah, so many options to get ammo… (just equip an artifact with ammo on melee for one works realy good)

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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I need more bank space SDUs. I’m fine with ammo.

While I don’t think they’re needed, I wouldn’t exactly be upset if more ammo SDUs were implemented.

If it were a choice of what gets added first, however- Ammo SDUs or… anything else, I probably wouldn’t choose the SDUs.

Basically they’d just be a small quality of life addition. Hardly needed, but they wouldn’t hurt.

Flat no.

I agree, they added a bunch of ammo machines and way more loot. Now I need more bank space… please…

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There’s a lot of vending machines in every map to restock after some fights. I agree that there’s a lot of ammo hungry weapons but I don’t think that we need more SDU’s because of those weapons, I feel it’s fine right now.
And as everyone mentioned, there’s a lot of ways to get ammo back, that’s why Tediore chucking is a viable play style in all VH.

We need some more ammo regen perks.

I run an ammo regen build on Amara and I never run out and never reload.

But, it comes at a price. I have a level 50 Transformer Terror anointed ammo regen shield and a Level 50 nade that keeps me terrored.

I wish I could upgrade them. Or replace them with a viable alternative.

Thank you all for the feedback and advice. I never thought of slam and related damage as melee, but it makes sense. I’ve sporting a cutpurse artifact with the crater suffix and it’s not bad. I have yet to see a launch pad version, but I’m on the hunt.

I’ve swapped in the cutpurse from time to time before, but I was hoping for a more permanent solution. But finding one with viable bonuses seems make up for what I lose by using an ice breaker, or banjo.

I agree that more storage would be great, especially when leveling up multiple alts through all of the upcoming Mayhem levels. They also need to improve the sort features and add more filters, but that’s for another topic.

Well, GB agreed and it looks like we all got what we wanted. More storage and more of the ammo types I wanted. Woohoo! Go Crimson Raiders!

Added additional SDU’s for bank size, backpack size, heavy ammo and sniper rifle ammo:

Definitely good to see these. I really wish that they would’ve also given us an SDU for shotgun ammo though.