Do we STILL not know what drops the last heads?

Like the Bandita Brave head for Nisha, or the military chassis for claptrap?

The games been out for about a half a year, seems kinda ridiculous.

They could be bugged. Like the Dahl skins in Bl2 that are impossible to get legit, which means 100%ing the game isn’t actually possible.

I’m now thinking they may be saving them for the claptrap dlc

Also weird that the Lady Hammerlock head drop locations seem to be listed nowhere…

Not to mention we have no idea where at least two sets of skins come from, either. One we have zero information on and the other one supposedly comes from a challenge that I’ve seen zero confirmation exists.


Gearbox, or rather, 2k Aus needs to save SOME stuff for the enormous DLC… This was probably planned before release of the vanilla game itself.

I heard you got them from the jackpots on moxxi’s slot machines. Haven’t had the patience to test it out by putting billions of dollars on a low level character.

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I have spent a couple billion with no luck… but you know how RNG be.

Nope, Turns out it’s glitched. You cant get them. Full Stop. End of story. There’s a thread in the Claptrap forums which explains that CMDO-TP and the others are unobtainable legitimately.

So…they aren’t gonna, yaknow, do anything about that?

You can get them from the Jackpot from what I heard.

I found a Handsome head in the Jackpot. Was useless since I got it from Zarp though.

I got the Bandita Brave from the Invicible Sentinel in my first kill with Nisha, if it helps.

Got bandita brave for nisha from zarpedon yesterday

They did. Got one from Sentinel. Apparently Zarp drops the ones we used to be missing as well now, EG CMDO-TP, Handsome.

Zarp and Sentinel drop the same stuff, so both.

Felicity dropped me Jack’s “Could eat no fat” head. I think they updated her to drop a set of character heads.

I knew they gave The Sentinel Zarp’s loot, but i thought that CMDO-TP and Handsome were unique to the Sentinel.

Its in the next DLC sorry you have to wait for it the 5GB DLC that others have discovered hopping it’s Fall of New Heaven. I know this cause there are still lots of items in the game example wet week just 1 sample

Just wow.

I don’t know about CMD0-TP, but Handsome drops from Zarpedon, Ascended as well.