Do we still save side missions until UVHM in Handsome Collection version?

It’s been years since I played B2 on Xbox 360, but I recently picked this up for the One (Handsome Coll). I recall the talk being about saving side missions while doing TVHM, so that they are scaled right in UVHM. Is that still the case? Or does UVHM reset everything now?


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It’s the same game so works the same way, but the advice you’ve received is a bit garbled.

  • Certain side quests with unique rewards are worth saving in TVHM so that you can get the quest and item at level 50 once you complete main game. This gives you some nice gear to start UVHM with.
  • Once you start UVHM, everything scales with you all the time. You may decide to leave those same quests in UVHM so you get the items at max level (72) once you get there, or you may take them while levelling then reset the story to get them again at max level.

You may find this list useful in deciding which side quests to save and which you choose to do anyway:

Note that accepting a quest is what locks the level of the reward item. This is true in ANY mode.


Thanks very much for the clarity. I knew it had something to do with saving them for the sake of being a certain level. I’ll take a look through the list you provided. Cheers.

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