Do weapon critical damage buffs effect grenade crit damage?

For example, would an +45% Atlas Weapon Critical Hit Damage buff also apply to Atlas Grenades?

I don’t believe grenades can naturally crit in BL3.

If we’re talking about Moze’s Pull the Holy Pin, no. Grenade crits through PTHP are always 2x and don’t receive any extra bonuses to crit damage.

I’m not sure about Fl4k and Megavore, I suspect that you’d probably need to be holding an Atlas weapon for the bonus to apply.

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Great. Thanks for the info.

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Hex and Hunter-Seeker can crit without PtHP.


So this is a round about way of getting to an answer but the Bangarang’s reload is a thrown Grenade that Sprays bullets much like Bouncing Betty grenades from BL2. Said Bullets do the same damage as the Bangarang listed on the card plus most gun damage and damage boosts. When it Crits it dose the same damage as If if the gun was fired from your hand. This would lead me to believe the Hunter Seeker’s bullets would gain Crit damage boosts. As for the Hex no clue.