Do you accept a 1 level difference?

You farm…farm for hours and hours. You finally get that item you wanted <3 but what’s this! low and behold the item that you got is…one level under you?!

Do you accept the item? or do you toss it away~ You need the MAX LEVEL ITEM anything less is meaningless!


Depends a lot on the actual gear. Some gear it doesn’t matter; others it matters a lot.

Examples: A Harold is a DPS weapon; thus it has to be max level (and max stats!) to be as good as it can be.

A Quasar is used for one purpose, and level doesn’t affect that purpose. I use a level 60 Quasar to farm Hyperius and it works fine to pull all those loaders together.

A shield like the Rough Rider is another example of level not being an issue - in fact a lower level version can be actually BETTER for healthgate abuse!

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While I was leveling up I didn’t mind it, as even if it was my level, it wouldn’t be anymore pretty soon. However, after reaching level 72, an item below my level is unacceptable. I sell it immediately, no matter what the item is. It’s not a matter of effectiveness to me. After I reached the level cap, it has to be my level or it’s trash. The only item I got that was below my level and I kept it was my first DPUH, but soon after that I went to farm Savage Lee for a level 72 one. You know what’s even worse than farming for an item for hours (days, even) and getting one that’s below your level? Getting one with perfect parts and prefix that’s just one level below you. Happened to me more than once and it stings.

Mostly because I have to. Since the Legendary hotfix it’s gotten less frustrating but it’s still a shame when non-raid bosses drop a rare weapon just one level too low.

Still, each shot is powerful enough to not put you under a significant disadvantage unless it’s a raid in which case it’s really not wanted but overall you’d still only save/lose some seconds in a battle that probably takes a while.

Very annoying nonetheless.

Up till Lv71, it didn’t matter so long as it ranged. In the OP levels (and especially at OP8), it was Usually it’s at-or-better for imminent-or-immediate usability; otherwise, it depends on the item. Generally, you want them at your level, but there are some that you want at lower levels so they don’t kill you outright – two case examples would be the Logan’s Gun and Magic Missile.

It depends on the weapon’s actual use, it’s rarity and how long I have been farming it. On slagging tools, the level doesn’t matter. If the gun is really rare (like a Fastball or a pearlescent), i’ll gladly take an underlevelled version, since I’m lucky the gun appeared in the first place. And if I have been farming a boss for literally hours without him dropping anything, I’ll take an underlevelled drop if it actually pops up, just so I could stop the monotonous farming process.

If its 1 level below me I’ll just take it and keep farming for an on-level version.
If its 2 levels below me I’ll sell it immediately.

I’ll keep it, depending on what game mode I’m in.

When it outwears its utility for a certain character, I will give it to another lower level character to use or store.

At the higher levels, I’ll toss it to a certain level gun mule.

As others have said, it depends on what the item is and what character found it. My lvl 72 Maya has some lvl 71 gear in regular use, and maybe a lvl 70 grenade or two.

I sent Gaige into Capt. Scarlett’s early (lvl 14, NVHM; lvl 34’ish, TVHM) so she could collect a Pimp and Orphan Maker. She used the Pimps for the rest of those runs rather effectively, even when it was 12/15 lvls under the current target (that speaks volumes about what a Pimp is actually capable of doing, IMO).

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First game it doesn’t matter, in BL2 it does. Since you have an item with lower damage than it cna potentionally have way lower DPS combined with skills and taking the steep scaling into acount.

Doesn’t matter much on Normal and True VH Mode but Ultimate is a diffirent story I think.

Nay, damage reduction only happens when your level is at least 3 levels lower, not the gun’s level.

I stand corrected and will edit my post then!

I kind of did this with Hyperious after I finally got a Norfleet from him. It was at level- but it was slag. Not real useful for the rare occasions that I use a RL. As far as items I use they have to be at level- anything less goes on a mule. If it’s an item that I hadn’t gotten before I’ll keep it, like when I finally got a Carnage. It’s OP6 but since it was the first one I ever got, I kept it…

It would depend on the item in question. For something like a Class Mod or Relic, it isn’t too much of an issue. One good example is the Sheriff’s Badge, which doesn’t scale very well as it goes up in level anyway. Another situation where it is actually preferable to have a much lower level item is the Rough Rider + Breakneck Banshee (and also +5 Fleet) Combo for Maya. You want a high level Rough Rider Shield with a much lower level Breakneck Banshee COM (around lvl 50 or so). That way, you don’t take too much of a loss on health (around 8k as opposed to almost 300k) when you equip the Breakneck Banshee COM.

Additionally, for a COM it depends on the stats. For example, I found a lvl 71 Legendary Cat COM - with +134% SMG damage (almost the OP8 max of +138%). If I didn’t already have a Legendary Cat that is > +134% SMG dmg, it would be foolish to not use the lvl 71 just because it isn’t OP8.

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The Norfleet is so powerful that a corrosive one will grant you a SW against shielded fleshy enemies. The Norfleet is just complete overkill against most enemies anyway, a slag variant shouldn’t be bad.

I’m fine with it as long as the drop is upgrade to what I have, but what it means is that eventually regardless I’ll be looking for a “perfect” version of every item anyway.