Do you agree with pitchfords key note address?

So after the #askrandy train wreck, I was excited for his q&a panel. Then came his analogy about criticism and stepping on sand castles. Crudely summing up Aliens poor perception to “a few thousand” disappointed fans. And of those “few thousand” fans, a few like to “step on sand castles” and really try to destroy the game. And anyone who likes to destroy has “a unsophisticated mind”.

So, do you agree the criticism is just, from critics and fans. or that every fan (that most likely is banned) and critic who pan this game is " unsophisticated"?

All of the forum bans were because people were insulting people at gearbox, and/or other forum users with whom they disagreed. Not because they didn’t like the game. If people were able to express their thoughts within the forum rules, they didn’t get banned.

It does so happen that people who were angry about the game were therefore more likely to get banned; but being angry never means you get special posting privileges. This was the forum policy long before A:CM was released, and remains today. If anyone has any query about this, do pm me.

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people can criticize and they can dislike but when that level of anger with a games release leads them to go and try to discourage people from purchasing a game so that they can come to there own decision and posting thread after thread about gearboxes work on the game, thats when it starts to get out of hand. people can learn to be unhappy with something without destroying the game so on some level yes i agree with what he said

I didn’t see the QnA…I judge the people that actually really hate this game by the Angry guy on YouTube Likes.Now lasttime I checked there was 40k Likes to his Hate review of ACM.Theres like 49k now.Keep in mind probably 1/4 of those who like his review are just kids who think hes funny.So think about it–Probably 2 million or more sold by now and 49k people who like Angry Guys review.Im with Randy and Gearbox/TimeGate 100% that the hate of ACM is extremely Low.It really is probably a few thousand haters…I will even give them the whole 49 thousand that agree with AngryMan…Really loved that ACM Forum war a few years back–The haters really tried to force you to hate ACM.It was fun arguing with them and watching them disappear when a few of us TRUE ACM supporters who really loved it talked um down.Had ACM been a finished game at release like how it is now(few glitches still remain)–ACM’s Sequel would be out in the next year or 2

Slight difference between “talking them down”, and all of them being banned by mods. I don’t think I saw one guy get talked into liking ACM if they hated it to begin with.

And the consoles never got fixed. But the SMG got tweaked…yay

Not turn their opinion Jake–But we made them stop trying to force everyone into their hate of view.Then they threw tantrums and fits and eventually got banned.We had some good discussions with some of the more reasonable mature haters but not all. LmAo–Its all good tho

is there a link to this “Key Note Address” by Mr. Pitchford?