Do you allow OCD to control you?

I’ve always had OCD when it comes to games…always needing to finish the bonus stuff or look through every chest even if it’s only ammo. It calms my mind knowing what I already expected.

I’m trying to control it…it’s just whenver I fail a bonus objective (Pre-Sequel’s bonus objectives.) my god my mind really stuggles. (fighting the urge to delete that character, repeating in my head. “It alright, it means nothing…bonus objectives mean nothing. It’s only more money, nothing more.”)

I’m making this sound more dramatic then it is lol my bad…

I’m going to have to say, my friend, we are a forum of people who are mastering a game that originally came out three years ago.

If we were any more OCD we’d be hoping over cracks in Sanctuary so that we wouldn’t break Torgue’s Grandma’s back.

Feel secure. This is where OCD comes to breed.


Welcome to Borderlands Anonymous.

My name is Jelly Cyborg and I farmed for loot today.
Grab your free cup of trucker coffee and try not to make direct eye contact
with Zed.

Zed had issues.


Leaving “Doctor’s Orders” open to farm LLM really messes with my head. I just hate seeing missions listed as uncompleted.

When in a new playthrough, every time I enter a new area I need to go grab every single optional mission that shows up on the map and complete all of them before moving on to the current story mission.

During my first playthrough, I compulsively opened every single crate/locker/box/container, flipped every switch and pushed every button that I could find. I walked on every single little speck of dirt on all of the maps, even if it meant moving away from the mission’s objective. That was one slow playthrough, but it’s the only way I could do it and keep my sanity. On my following playthroughs I wasn’t as compulsive as that, but I still find myself opening boxes and collecting money even though I don’t need anything.

The reason I only have one character at level 72 in a year and a half of playing this game is that I feel I have to do everything with my first character at least once before focusing on a new one, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING… Complete the story, side missions and all DLC on all three game modes, get every achievement, complete every challenge, get every character skin, get every vehicle skin, spawn and defeat every single boss (including the secret ones and raid bosses), find every easter egg, find every legendary, pearlescent and seraph weapon that I want as a drop, etc. The only things I’ve kinda learned to feel more relaxed about are optional mission objectives and a few of the ridiculously rare items. Those are simply not worth the trouble, but yeah, they still bother me. I’m almost finished doing all of that with my first character. Luckily for me, a lot of that stuff stays unlocked and carries over to different characters, so it won’t take as long to do the same with my second one.

As a side note, I just wannna point out that you really must have a problem with OCD, since you started a thread almost identical to this one less than a month ago: At times do you even care about Optional Objectives?.


I admire your dedication! My attention span is too short for such a complete character build. I’ve got characters ranging from OP8 down to 52, a couple of each class.

One of the reasons I have these is because of the OCD thing; I have a dedicated LLM farmer, a dedicated TR farmer, a dedicated Pete/Bar Room farmer, one for Terra etc etc. That way I have my ‘main’ for actually playing the game, and all these others for doing the agriculture.

I dunno if it’s quite the same thing though - in actuality I’ve never really ‘completed’ anything to 100% in any BL game. There’s always something ‘new’ to start…perhaps a different type of thinking (more like ADD lol).

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This is exactly what I do. Take my most recent purchase, Assassin’s Creed IV. The first area I got to (Havana), I proceeded to complete all the Assassin contracts and collect the collectibles before I even started the actual story.



Hah, damn. Are you like that with any game and other aspects of life as well?

Like if I open up your documents, are all the files neatly in alphabetical order?

Wow I’m sorry I totally forgotten about that thread. I’m sorry if this was annoying to you but I’m glad someone else feels the same pain as I do. (sigh) I am slowly learning to control my OCDness…it’s just optional mission objectives always get to me when I screw them up. (Pre-Sequel) really screwed with my OCD, those Mission Objectives way more annoying then BL2.

I’ll be sure to remember my past threads, that was my mistake but hey…it’s good to know I’m not the only one with this problem. :slight_smile: Let’s hope we can over come this and just enjoy the game, not like we weren’t enjoying the game before but…OCD is powerful, it causes me to restart playthroughs many times in the past. (almost can never finish a game before, if things weren’t perfect or I haven’t done everything or I missed something annnnnd yeah lol.)

At 8:47 PM on 24 Feb. 2012, my Fallout 3 character deliberately left an unopened first aid box in the Bethesda ruins. The unknown contents of that box haunt my dreams to this day.

You’ll be fine.


I used to hate having incomplete missions, challenges, or achievements. Ever since my gamer score surpassed that of my son, I’ve got over that compulsion. Some things are just meant to be :wink:

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No problem, man. I wasn’t annoyed by it or anything, it’s just that I remembered the other thread when saw this one and I thought it was funny. I just wanted to mention it, it wasn’t meant to make you feel bad about it or anything. The threads are similar for sure, but this one is a little more comprehensive and I’m enjoying the discussion here more. And don’t worry… You’re certainly not alone on this.


If I like the game, I always try to reach 100% completion on it. It’s just that Borderlands 2 is such a huge game that it’s practically impossible to complete 100% of it. There’s just too much stuff to do. That is actually very funny to me, cause the game seems specifically designed to drive compulsive completionists like me out of their mind. I’d only consider BL2 to be truly 100% completed when I manage to do all of that stuff with every character class in the game, and even then there would be more new stuff to try, like alternate builds and playstyles for each of them. I’ll probably play this game forever. The bad part in all of this is that BL2 has effectively ruined video games for me in a way. I can’t gather the energy or interest to play anything else anymore. My Xbox 360 turned into a “Borderlands 2 machine” for over a year now. I actually bought the console to play Bioshock Infinite and I still haven’t played it. Hell, I haven’t even played The Pre-Sequel yet.

Yup. I also organize my documents into sub-folders and there isn’t a single icon on my desktop. I only use the desktop for temporary stuff and to transition files from place to place. I’m a natural collector, I always feel the need to keep things organized and lists make me lose my mind. I’m always categorizing things and I try to keep everything tidy around me. If I just cleaned up the apartment, it bothers me when objects placed on top of furniture aren’t perfectly aligned to the edges of said furniture. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the amount of editing I do on most of my posts around here after posting them. I know all of this makes me seem like an insufferable jerk, but it’s not that bad, really. I’m actually pretty easy going in general. In real life, I only turn into a freak when it comes to my personal stuff and when I have too much free time on my hands, but when it comes to video games, I get obsessive with almost all of them that I play. Red Dead Redemption, the first two Bioshock games, the Arkham series, L.A. Noire, all of the Lego games and Sonic Generations are the last ones I remember obsessing about before Borderlands 2. Curiously enough, I wasn’t like that with Borderlands 1.

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Well, amen to that! Me too; hell I still play BL1 on my old ps3 (although mostly for farmory runs because I deprived my self from doing them for years because I thought it was ‘cheating’ - I farm the hell out of the treasure room now because I’m not making that mistake again!)

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Having taken all 6 characters to OP8 and resetting their BAR twice each, yea- I get a little OCD at times :grinning:. In fact, I’m now doing an OP8 play thru with everyone- and still opening every box and selling weapons I don’t want for cash I don’t need. I’m a natural collector so I want at least one of everything- as far as legendary/unique/pearl gear or items there are only a few that still elude me, having just recently gotten the Pot o’ Gold: the Twister, Hide of Terramorphous, Teeth of Terramorphous and Godfinger are I think the only ones left for me, as well as the final 2 achievements that are linked to finishing all things in the Mr Torgue and Sir Hammerlock dlc’s…

This is a really great thread. I think we all suffer some sorts of OCD when it comes to games we really like. I can relate to this too for sure. Leaving missions open for various reasons is a good one. For me, it really bothers me if all my weapons aren’t up to level. Since I started over with Handsome Collection, I’ve gotten pretty good at getting rid of stuff that isn’t 72. Still, every now and then it’s kinda tough and I’ll hoard it. :wink:


I hear ya. The only item I have in my backpack that isn’t level 72 is a shock Bone of the Ancients relic that’s level 70, but has almost max stats. It frustrates the hell out of me that every level 72 shock Bone of the Ancients that I found had worse stats than a level 70 one. I actually traded my original Sheriff’s Badge for one with slightly lower stats just because the second one was level 72. The fact that the level of the relics doesn’t seem to influence the percentage of their bonus stats at all bothers me to no end.

Yea, for whatever reason, I’m not in as big a hurry to have relics and COMs at level as I am weapons, but I did the same thing the other day with a Legendary Berserker COM. It’s stats were, like, 1% lower, but I went with the 72, lol. Eventually, I do hope to have everything at 72.

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Not really in games, but in other parts of my life yeah xD


Enough said. That avg game completition rate are the newly installed games that ive started to play recently, or the games with less than 5 achievements that are pain in the ass to get. Ive got hooked up on diablo 3 again, so that completition rate will have to wait for some time. Diablo 3 is no better tho…

Only a handful of games have I ever went full fledge OCD: Dead Space, Bioshock 2, Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Borderlands 2 in regards to Jakobs equipment.

Dead Space I have beaten a told of 29 times, had all the spawns (enemy or otherwise) memorized and could word for word remember all the chats in the game. The last two times I played I went through with only telekinesis and trolled all the enemies using the invisible walls.

Bioshock 2 I have beaten 31 times on all difficulties on the console; 3/4 were using the Drill exclusively. Again had spawns and conversations memorized and whatnot. Wish it was a sandbox like the first Bioshock.

Halo was the first game I ever eagerly dived into the hardest difficulty and actually enjoyed. I have played that game so many times I have long since lost count and developed a photographic memory of the game. Years later when the Anniversary game came out I cranked it up to Legendary and had it beaten in a couple hours.

Halo 2 I screwed around and found all the skulls, the two Scarab guns, spent hours trying to find out what is in the floating box, and located a couple other Easter Eggs in the game. The orbital shot glitch was a pain in the ass to get right. Figuring out how to make a Scorpion spine like a top and bounce around blood Gulch was helluva lot of fun.

Halo 3 and the Invincible Dumpsters was fun. Turning on all the skulls and trying to beat the game; not so much.

The one thing I am consistently OCD about though is keeping my magazine full; even when I am being shot at or have only spent one bullet.

I love Bioshock 2. It has a bad reputation, but I like it even more than the first one in some ways. I got obsessed about it too, just not as much as you. I really wanna go back to it someday, though. That is, if Borderlands 2 ever gives me my life back, of course.