Do you enjoy using OP characters?

It’s something I always wondered. Everyone has their favorite class, and every class in their own way can become OP if leveled up right/the right gear. Some better then others

My question is, do you enjoy using OP characters or do you enjoy using the unappreciated characters. The kind that people always look past

I’ve never been a fan of using OP characters however I always seem to pick the more…safe choice. In Borderlands I picked Roland, I felt safe having a turret on stand-by. In Borderlands 2 I picked Axton lol and in Borderlands Pre-Sequel I picked Athena. Despite me alway wanting a challenge, I always seem to pick the more safe choice when I comes to characters either sticking with a support role or a tank role.

I play all six of them at OP8- the biggest learning curve for me was Zero, considering I played him like I would Sal or Krieg :grin:. Other than that I’ve never thought that any one character was more powerful/less powerful than another, although I do favor certain VH vs. raid bosses: Maya vs. Terra, Sal vs. the Ancient Dragons, Zero vs. Hyperious and Gaige vs. Pyro Pete (still haven’t done Master Gee or Vora yet…).

I play for fun.

So, what is “fun”? The reality of being a human being is that different things sound fun at different times, with a few things standing out as favorites. My most played are, in order:

  1. Axton

  2. Maya

  3. Salvador

  4. Zero

The drop off after the first two is huge, but I still play all 4. Most of the time, I enjoy strategy, execution, problem solving on the run, etc. Other times, I want to run around with Sal and Grog-Harold Pandora to pieces. I don’t get a sense of accomplishment from Sal the way I do with Maya or Axton, but I do enjoy the heck out of Gunzerking on occasion. My favorite part? Throwing 8 Magic Missiles. That’s just awesome. Most days, the decision is between Axton and Maya.

Let me put it this way.
I find the other 2 BL’s too easy ever since I play on OP8.

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I am only playing on OP8 to have a decent chance at Tubby Pearls and a full Digistruct Peak run if I so desire, otherwise I’d relax on 72.
Cat Maya obliterates enemies with Good/Bad Touches remarkably well even on OP8. Really want to see how it is with a Bitch but it’s a bitch to get (a good one at least. With some patience it’s not too bad). Really the most enjoyable OP8 experience to me.
I never actually tried that on 72. That would feel OP, for mobbing at least.

Everything feels OP on 72 to me actually.


I can’t play anything but OP 8 co-op because everything else is too easy. Solo is a different story though.

I suppose a helpful thing would be determining what constitutes “OP”. Fastball or Baby Maker Axton? Shamfleet builds? Blurred Trickster + Chain Reaction or B0re vs specific content?

Every class seems to have some ability to do ridiculous things, and many people are only down on specific ones. For example, BeeHawk gets side eye from some folks who are happy to Gib a Norfleet so they can basically auto-up from FFYL. Or they may hate Tediore builds, but run around B0ring everything.

meh. To each his/her own.

Solo play makes it all a whimsical discussion. Nobody is effected by my preferences other than me.

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Not really. I mainly play this game for the sense of competence I get after, say, beating OP8 peak solo. If I were to do that with someone like Sal, I wouldn’t have fun cause I know any person who can hold down two controller/mouse buttons can do that too. But it takes actual skill to use other characters. Strategic positioning of your turret(s) with Axton, deciding which enemy to phase/thoughtlock w/Maya, who to use your Deception Shot on w/Zer0, I could go on, but I won’t. But I could.

Playing in the OP levels. :dukewhistle:

I play them all except Krieg (who may or may not be OP; his skill set just doesn’t have any game mechanics that I find interesting). Salvador I only play on occasion because he came with the original set of Vault Hunters, and because a few of his game mechanics are fun. Kinda. Otherwise I don’t really consider any of them so much more OP that I would handle them differently?

Whether or not a certain character is OP is certainly the subject of debate though. And when I say debate, I’m talking holy wars.


I suppose a way to consider which character is ‘best’ would be to take the top gear for each character and try it on another (even though some gear is top gear for nearly everyone) or try what’s considered their weakest tree and see what you could do in one of the slaughter domes or against a certain raid boss…

Its kinda hard to really say what’s OP in a Borderlands type of game, cause its a Co-op game, not a competitive fps like CoD. That said, we can still have opinions on what would be considered OP. And for me, its just straight up Salvador. Grog+Harold. Need i say more? :stuck_out_tongue:

Borderlands really did a pretty great job with the character design. There isnt a single character who doesnt have at least ONE viable OP8 build. Its actually really cool how that happened, considering they didnt even think about making UVHM when the game first came out.

Lol holy wars

In theory, I would have no fun using a character who would be considered “OP”. I prefer a challenge.

Before we get in to tiering characters and which is better.

The following is my opinions on the matter.

I feel like this debate pops up 3 times a month, and it always goes in the exact same pattern. Although I do recognize that @Cody2Hottie may genuinely be bringing it forth as a hypothetical, and it is worth discussion in such a case.

Ah i see, well put man! But there’s a problem with your car analogy…

Yes, a Manual car does have a learning curve, and if you don’t master it, an automatic would perform better. in the reverse scenario, the manual clearly performs better. But this isnt the case with most of other characters. Other characters do require more skill than Sal, but even if you mastered them, Sal’s still nigh invincible and still has the highest DPS in the game. Im not bashing the other characters, im just saying that Sal’s pretty insane.

Im forgetting to mention that Zer0 can do some insane stuff as well but imo, hes the only character who can come close to Salvador DPS wise with mastery, but isnt anywhere close to invincible.

EDIT: Really, really bad wording, tried correcting it.

I’ve gone on online games with people playing Sal and saw them put that whole “Immortal” name to the test, only to see them fall like a sack of bricks during a reload as they didn’t realize the damage multiplier’s effect in 4p. Yes, he is exceptionally talented at doing many things in 1p mode with that build, and he has crazy DPS. I fully grant you that. He is also a very fun character, but the sheer number of people I see posting “Sal the Invincible” videos, with a clear gibbed Grog (which I sure as hell know 90% didn’t get during the Loot Hunt), and claiming invincibility due to that is surprisingly quaint.

Yes, there are genuinely talented Salvador players. Look @Chuck80, for an example, and there are brilliant Sal builds that are unique. But a crutch tactic isn’t something to be lauded.

I’m saying this as some one who gets a great deal of joy playing on Salvador, but I’ve seen everything done on practically every character.

@Voidslik, I am of course not accusing you of any of the above. You seem like you’re a very even headed individual who has a good deal of knowledge on the game. I do although feel that this “Salvador is OPest and Zer0 may be somewhere there” dialogue has cropped up at an incredible rate with no real resolution other than making the statement and leaving it at that.

I’ll take @Derch on a Nurse Maya build ahead of 3 Salvadors on my team, as I may actually live through the event, and I am certain to get support.


After reading what you said about unique builds with Sal that don’t require the crutch gear, I looked up some builds, and to my amazement, they were somewhat diverse. Hell, after looking at some builds, I’m somewhat tempted to start a new Sal! Didn’t realize that there were other various methods to play him other than his Grog build, so you got me there.

That doesn’t entirely change that Grog+Harolding is somewhat insane on single player imo, but it does rule out Salvador by himself from being OP. Maybe its not really the characters by themselves that are to be judged, but the builds you can make around them. I understand now that I can’t judge Sal based off ONE out of many diverse builds. Thats just not fair to the midget man :stuck_out_tongue: .

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None of your conclusion is in anyway unreasonable. It is a perfectly formulated opinion if you ask me.

Mine is different, but that is only a matter of perspective.

The one thing I am sure we can agree on is that a meta-statement of Salvador’s capacity (especially in a game which for all purposes was designed for it’s multiplayer mode) should be incredibly nuanced and not subject to a particular build which more often than not requires an illicit method of gaining a specific item.

I’ve played Sal to OP8 because I sort of felt like I had to and played Maya and Zero to OP2 and stopped there. I much prefer level 72 to OP levels. OP levels have helped push the game to it’s loftiest peaks and really forced theorycrafters to go as deep as possible, but ultimately it’s a bit of a grind and it makes choices more limited, especially for the more casual players.

Seems like quite a few people, myself included, misunderstood this topic :confused:

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