Do you ever lose access to Sanctuary 3?

So I’m just about to go down and do “The Great Vault” mission and do not know how much of the story is left. My question is, will I permanently lose access to Sanctuary 3 at some point if I continue further? Will I lose access at all temporarily? I want to keep playing as my character once the story is over and am not sure what I should do. Should I finish all DLC and side missions before I move forward, or will I be able to return and get them done when the story is over?

You can fast travel to Sanctuary anytime you want, so finish the main game first, then move to DLC if you want or do side quest, end-game etc.

The only time you might temporarily lose access to Sanctuary 3 is if you re-start the campaign on True Vault Hunter Mode (and even then you can just go back to normal mode and travel to Sanctuary there) for the first few quests.
But currently I’d recommend you just finish the story, grind your character to max level and get used to Mayhem levels a bit and then do the DLC.

If you’re using an xbox one X you lose sanctuary if you try to join a multiplayer game. Otherwise you should be good.

I’ve done the Handsome Jack Casino DLC but that’s it and have been thinking on if I should do the other DLC’s before or after I finish the story. Do any of the DLC’s have a level requirement? And by that I mean, if I’m level 41, will any of the DLC’s be way too easy? I ask this because the DLC located in Hammerlocks room says Level 19 next to it. I’m not sure if that means that you have to be AT LEAST level 19 or should be AT or Below level 19.

Depending on the above answer, you’re saying I should go ahead and finish the story, unlock and activate mayhem mode, play a bit and then do all of the DLC?

Bonus Question 1: I hear that there are 3 levels to Mayhem mode. Once I complete the story do I gain access to all 3?

Bonus Question 2: For TVHM, I know you start at the beginning and must redo all Story and DLC’s(?), but with TVHM mode, do you get to keep your character level and weapons (inventory and/or bank) or must you create a brand new character, go back to level 1 and have no weapons?

I’d get to Max level then do dlc because there’s some good gear in it, you don’t want it to be redundant. I’d go story, then graveward or slaughtershaft to max level, then do the dlc.

Question 1 - there are 4 levels to mayhem actually, and all unlock after story. As soon as you finish put on at least mayhem 1 then all enemies will scale to your level so you won’t be OP. If you’re still OP go to mayhem 2 etc.

Question 2 - All gear stays the same between NVHM and TVHM. You can swap between as much as you like and gear, levels, guardian rank etc is same on both

What do you mean by graveward or slaughtershaft to max level? You mean farming the bosses over and over? Or is there another mode to fight bosses?

What is NVHM? New Vault Hunter Mode? Is this just any mode that is not TVHM?

Yeah I mean grinding them to max level. Graveward is most efficient but it can get boring so that’s where slaughtershaft is good to mix it up. If you haven’t been it’s like a horde mode, you fight through waves of enemies so constant xp.

And nvhm is just normal mode, it’s stands for new vault hunter mode. So the mode that isn’t tvhm.

Normal Vault Hunter Mode :slight_smile:

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Damn I’ve always thought it’s new lol

I believe the DLC should scale to whatever level you are when you start it, provided you are above level 19.
I would however just recommend getting to max level and Mayhem first so you get the quest rewards at max level, too.

There’s actually 4 now (used to be 3). They are all unlocked as soon as you finish the story, however I would recommend you start off with Mayhem 1 or 2 anyways as Mayhem 3 can be quite a pain to play (depending on the Modifiers you can end up in a situation where you either get to one-shot everything or barely deal damage) and Mayhem 4 is balanced for max level characters with good gear and optimized builds.

You get to keep everything you have. TVHM is mostly just a way to replay the story at a higher level and difficulty with a character that you already built up.

If you can bear it I’d say hitting the Scraptrap crowd and Scraptrap Prime is possibly the most efficient XP farm unless the Guns DLC has anything better.(Not played it yet)

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Oh yeah I forgot that. Jabbermowgai is also great if you spawn a bunch and have a decent recursion with cryo.

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Level 13 for DLC1 and DLC2, since you can take a boosted character straight into it and they start at level 13.

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Oooh yeah all those badasses will drop a good clutch of legendaries much of the time as well as the nade mod chance on RJ.

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Are you saying that you have to be at least Level 13 or you have to be level 13? Just want to make sure you’re not saying something different.

You can create a boosted character to go straight into the DLC. This character is level 13. Ergo, I take the minimum level for the DLC to be level 13. You may be able to access it sooner, but that might by inadvisable.

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So just to confirm, in TVHM your level stays capped if you’ve reached max level? You don’t go back to 1?

How does one create a boosted character? Loading the DLC from the main menu?

Yes. If you finish normal mode at level 57 you will still be 57 upon starting TVHM.