Do you ever make up your own stories while playing BL2?

First of all, I love the story in BL2, even though it’s lacky at best. Especially when it comes to explaining your characters’ background and mostly anything that Handsome Jack does (whom I also LOVE).

So as I was playing, I often had to use my imagination in order to fill the gaps and make some sense out of what my character does and why. And why is Handsome Jack so hell bent on killing him/her. But the 4 main VH at least have some ECHO logs at the start of the game.

Krieg and Gaige have absolutely nothing that would explain who or what they are. So in my last play session, I let my imagination run wild more then usual and I came up with their backgrounds on my own. This isn’t my theory, so there’s no point in discussing spoilers or the main story. This is purely my imagination making stuff up in order to make the game more interesting…

In my version, Krieg is a former Hyperion employee. He was a member of Hyperion’s elite mercenary/security detachment, travelling the galaxy and protecting Handsome Jack’s interests. Of course, everything was going well until he met Angel. He befriended her on one of their business trips and, being the handsome and suave soldier he is, they soon fell in love. They kept the relationship secret from Jack, of course, but he found out eventually. They even got married in secret. Naturally, daddy Jack doesn’t like it one bit, so he grabs Krieg and lets Hyperion use him in it’s experiments. These experiments leave him scarred and crazy, turning him into a psycho. With Angel’s help, he escapes and gets lost somewhere on Pandora where he spends his time killing bandits and acting all crazy. The only thing that’s left of his former self is his inner voice that compells him to kill only the bad guys, and threatening to commit suicide if he ever kills an innocent person.

One day, he hitches a ride on the train that the original 4 VH were taking when his daddy in law Jack blew it up at the beginning of the game. That’s when Angel finally found him again. She contacts him and helps him get to sanctuary, in hope of saving his life and ultimately taking some sweet revenge on her father.

Does anyone else come up with stories like this? If yes, share it here, I’d LOVE to read about it! I think fans often come up with cooler stories and theories then developers anyway, especially when you have such an amazing worlds to play with, like Pandora…

I did this in Borderlancs 1 with those characters since they lacked pretty much any back story until Borderlands 2. I created my own story and personality for them based on just their quotes alone. I loved it because it made them feel more personal to me.
Then Borderlands 2 came around, filled in those holes, and pretty much destroyed what I had made of Mordecai.

Same thing here. :smile:
What was your backstory for Mordecai?

Actually, Gaige has four ECHO logs where she talks about how she built DeathTrap and her father helping her escape to Pandora after her rival in the science fair pushed her and DT responded as if it were an attack, killing the girl. All we know about Krieg is that he was one of the ones Jack experimented with slag on.

That’s a cool story though. :smile:

And Roland and Lilith… :dukefp:

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He had some relation with Samuels. And that’s it xD

Face McShooty is actually the silent hero of the entire series. His suicide released a pathogen which corroded all Hyperion tech.