Do you experience PC restarts?

I’m experiencing PC restarts, I think I can pinpoint it to when battles gets too intensive and chaotic and when using specific weapons like pipe bomb or some tourge explosion weapons.
I’m about to replace my PSU because I was thinking that it went bust but I’ve read on the XBOX tech support forums people experiencing consoles restarts as-well, so I was wondering if the PC community experience this as well or I am alone in this situation ?

I have not experienced random restarts with BL3 on PC. If your computer is restarting from a game (especially if it happens when lots is going on), you almost certainly have a hardware issue. Try running a stress test while monitoring your cpu/gpu temperatures.

For a stress test you can use something like intel XTU

Or the stress test mode in Asus Realbench

Monitor thermals with or if using intel XTU, it has monitoring built in.

Your computer will run very slow during the stress tests, but it might help you pinpoint the problem.

Random shutdowns can also occur if your PSU cannot provide enough peak power. You can see if it is sized properly with a power calculator

Finally, your PSU is much more likely to be failing or have trouble with peak loads if it is poorly made. You can check out

I’ve gone through several cpu, gpu, memory tests as-well as logging the temp at restarts time, nothing unusual

Nope. I’ve only crashed like 4 times but it never shut my whole system off.
That happened to me once though. I had to reinstal windows 8.1 for it to go away. I hated the free windows 10 anyway.

So what you’re saying is that your PC did actually restarted because of playing Borderlands 3, even if it was once?

I used to have a lot of bluescreens until i activated vsync. Check how this is working for you.

Weirdly enough, yes, I started experiencing these issues yesterday, I’ve played through the entire game and was starting to 100% TVHM, was up to Eden 6 and then sudden reboot, now I get it any time I try to farm the end boss. I thought I was going crazy, I’ve only ever had this happen on one other game (deceit) and I just stopped playing, but I really don’t want to stop playing BL3, I’ve run every single stress test I could find on google and am about at my wit’s end. I’ll try vsync right now and report back to you.

Edit: capped FPS at 144 and no luck, I’ll try once more at 60fps and report back

Edit 2: no dice with 60fps lock

From memory it started happening after I changed a setting so that I could see enemies better through the endless explosions of my friends flakker, but I’ve since reset settings to default with no luck.

I’m about to replace my PSU because of that issue, but I’m trying to dig into this more since I’ve read other people experience such issues as-well and the XBOX one tech forums have a thread of people experiencing the same issue on the console… weird .

I’m not certain it’s your or my psu, I’ve got a relatively new Corsair hx850i (6mnths) and I had the issue before that with another game, I do believe they are related but I’m leaning more towards driver or gpu, I have run every stress test without fail though and it only happens in borderlands, I can play rainbow six: Siege for hours without issue. I’m going to bed now (it’s 2:00am here in aus) and I’ll try to diagnose more in the morning) best of luck!

No. It was about a year or two ago. Can’t remember what i was playing tbh

Instead if capping fps within the game try using RivaTuner. It’s bundled with MSI Afterburner or it can be downloaded on it’s own.

Yea I’ve run CPU, GPU, memory stress test, all passed. My GPU is 7 days old new RTX 2060 super gaming that’s why I’m leaning towards PSU problem. I will also check in another game like the witcher 3 and see if I get restarts.

After numerous amounts of testing later, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either the pipe bomb or just copious amounts of exploding that causes it. I played for 2 hours without issue, I then decided to try the pipe bomb on the end boss and instant crash, I can reproduce it without fail, every single time on the end boss with pipe bomb.

Yep exactly when the restarts happen to me. Although if I experience a restarts because on of these issues and then play again right after I can experience a restarts randomly while playing. My guess this “bug” is causing hardware damage, maybe to the PSU? having a lasting of effect for some time after a restart that can cause more restarts at less intensive moments.
But I guess other people don’t get restarts with the pipe bomb and multiple explosion, so I don’t know what the problem might be…

Both my wife & I have not had any PC restarts.

Both AMD Ryzen 7 2700 w/GTX1060

We have both had a CTD & I found a repeatable crash when trying to sort the mission list by region.

Sorry I’m no help

My pc restarts anywhere from 1 minute to immediately after the Marcus intro. This has never happened before with any game or software. Strangely, the in-game benchmark, which puts a lot of stress on the pc, works fine. I really hope they can fix this with a patch.

GAH - that sux… sorry :frowning:

My game just updated to ver. 1.01 and still have the same problem. This is not good news :frowning:

same here. temps are ok. It helped for me at least a bit to underclock my gpu. now i can play much longer. this made me think that my psu kst the problem so I replaced my 500w psu with a new one wich got 750w. same problem. now manually installing the newest windows version.
I will keep you up to date

Hi there,
so yesterday I updated my windows 10 version from 1803 to 1903. Windows didnt it by itself so I had to download it manually from Microsoft. Today I played 3-4 hours straight and no random reboots anymore. This helped for me.