Do You Farm Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole?

I farm this one spot, because it seems unique in the game—maybe it’s not?

When rescuing Lucky, there are two white and one red crates that seem to have a decent chance to offer up a unique item, if not a quality purple or blue at or slightly above the player’s level. The range seems to be six levels below to one level above player level. The weapon vending machine also appears to have a chance of offering a unique gun.

For a while, that is. It seems there is a countdown modifier affecting the odds negatively. What I’ve observed is that after opening the crates and using the vending machine, one can exit to the main menu, restart the game, open the crates and buy from the vending machine anew—without enemies around. But it seems to me the chance of getting anything noteworthy diminishes over time.

You can do this so long as you do not turn in Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse. Once you turn the mission into Helena Pierce, enemies will again spawn at Lucky’s. You can farm the crates, but not without a fight.

Of course, the odds described are anecdotal. I’m just reporting observations. I think it’s a cool trick, because the game gets a little harder once New Haven is reached.

All of this was to ask if anyone else out there farms these crates, too. And, if Lucky’s isn’t unique this way, where else does this happen?


I don’t farm Lucky’s, but, if you have the Knoxx DLC, T-Bone junction (the town) has the easiest gear farm in the game.
There are 2 grey chests and 2 red chests in T-Bone, you can farm them to your hearts content without doing any battling.
There’s probably a vid out there describing them, but their locations;

  • As you leave the entry building, turn left and go towards Shotz bar. To the right of the bounty board there is a mailbox. Hop on top of that, turn towards the bounty board, you’ll see an overhang. Jump from the mailbox to the overhang (takes some doing, you have to start moving forward, hit sprint, and jump in rapid succession. Will probably take a few times to get the timing right). and onto the roof and there’s a grey chest.
  • There is another grey chest on top of the building next to the building you get the turbocharger by. TO get this you go all the way up to the top and instead on entering the open area where you first battle the altars assassins, turn left and there is a walkway around that area. There are some ducts projecting outwards, walk on them and you can basically drop down onto the grey chest.
  • There is a red chest in that area also. Go to the same spot you picked up the turbocharger at and continue down the catwalks. there’s a small jump over a gap, then keep going and where it dead ends to the right side of the building there’s a red chest.
  • The last ones another drop-down. Go up to the topmost level (where you picked up the exhaust pipe), go tot he far edge. There’s a school bus parked next to a catwalk going outwards. Go to the end of the catwalk, look down, and you’ll see a red chest in a rowboat hanging below. Jump down to get it (you might miss a few times before you get the angle). There’s no safe way off this rowboat, so either jump out and die/respawn (for no fee, this is T-Bone where overboard deaths don’t seem to count) or save quit.

So 4 quick chest hits with no enemies.

I actually do this when the Fast Travel to T-Bone opens up, which is right after Skags at the gate in early game, typically when you’re character is lvl 3. I take a break and go run that route, and the Boost the Monster mission (which has no combat either once you learn how to avoid the assassins) over and over.
About 6-7 runs and not only have I leveled to lvl 7 without firing a shot from the Boost mission I’ve accumulated close to $1 million by selling all the lvl 35-ish gear I pick up on the route. That allows me to buy the final SMG SDU, giving me 1,200+ rounds, and the max of either grenade or CR ammo (deepening on how I feel) so I never have ammo issues throughout the game.

My chest farm.

EDIT: Oh gosh, I forgot to mention that these are higher level weapons in PT1, like lvl 32-36. So it’s a money farm, not a usable gear farm. My mistake.

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Is anyone else of the opinion that the chance to get a Unique weapon at Lucky’s seems pretty darn good, compared to the rest of the game?

I don’t know if there’s a list somewhere, but chests have an ‘awesome level’ which basically determines how likely you are to get higher quality loot out of them. I think the ones at Lucky’s may be higher AL, partly because of where you find them in the story. There are others which can have similar ALs, just not sure where they are.

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Which uniques have you found there, this is news to me.

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GGN20 Volcano level 40
ZX120000 Desert Bulldog level 43
ZX20 C Pestilent Crux level 43
RPG11 Caustic Rhino level 43

There was another Pestilent Crux and three Unique pistols, which I sold off. I got all that from several runs this morning.

Then I found a SG100 Blast Bulldog level 42 in New Haven.

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Ah ok, that’s a pretty solid haul of legendary loot, gotcha.
That Desert Bulldog looks like it’d be really good, depending on the barrel it spawned with.

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The vending machines at Lucky’s have some of the best odds for getting Legendaries, too.

I always farm there, in Normal,for a few good guns, before moving on. Farm the Lucky’s VMs, then kill Skagzilla for at level HD Editon Legendaries. Rinse. Repeat.

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Farming it is part of my grind from when I arrive to the Dahl Headlands to level 25. The guardians are outstanding xp, and it makes for a way to get decent equipment that will serve for the majority of playthrough 1.

Route: Starting at Lucky’s, hit the two white chests and red chest after checking the vendors. Get the vehicle, and drive over to the weapon vendor near the race track. Check that vendor and get on to the roof for another red chest. Afterward, head over to where the guardians spawn. Kill them and loot a third red chest. The loot in the red chests is not as good as the high AL chest in, for example, Crimson Fastness, but opening a significant number of red chests will eventually yield equipment improvements.

I have played the game a lot, and in my time doing that run while leveling up a new Brick I have seen 3 Detonating Cobras (Brick with any Cobra in Playthrough 1 is all kinds of overpowered). The odds suck, but the point is legendary weapons do appear.

In Playthrough 2 I just move on.

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I had no idea there was a red chest at the race track, and I’ve played this game for years!

In PT1, I’ll take a few stabs at the chests and vendors around Lucky, because I believe that level range is when corrosive gear can start showing up. In PT2, I usually just move on.

I do try to hit the developer’s chest in the Rust Commons West a few times in each playthrough though, especially if my gear is starting to lag a bit.

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Where is this “developer’s chest” in the Rust Commons?

I was gonna try to post a description, but instead I’ll just leave this video:

IIRC, there is a point in the story where the chest’s Awesome Level drops back down to that of a regular red chest, but I don’t remember what it is.