Do you feel like Kinetic Diffusion punishes you for healing?

It seems to me that when ever I get this choice it encourages me get osmosis (which is good) but then encourages me to hold onto it and not heal myself and teammates as to retain my speed boost (which is bad). I want to see what other people would think of a change to kinetic diffusion that gets you the movement speed upon using wellspring, and lets you keep it for something along the lines of 10-15 seconds. (The intensity of the speed buff still changing based on how much osmosis was used)

I think the intent of the helix is to make it easier for you to heal. You get full stacks, and now you can easily rush over to someone far away who needs them.


I suppose I never thought of it like that, but I feel like my point still stands that upon healing yourself or teammates you receive a de-buff to move speed. When you think of it like you do though then my suggestion does become a de-buff to the original. Perhaps they could be combine so that you retain the speed buff for several seconds after using wellspring? Or maybe it doesn’t need changed at all, this is kinda just first impressions that I got from using the helix.

I agree with @beta382, I always picked kinetic diffusion to move around the battlefield faster and dropping heals quicker.
Holding to your osmosis stacks for too long is always a bad idea and no helix choice should make you think otherwise.

I think it’s just to reach allies faster as others have said. Side note: it’s amazing in PVE when you don’t need to be healing so constantly