Do you find the split railgun useful?

So toby has a helix where his railgun is split in 3 ways when you shoot through his shield.

Is this useful? The one time i tried it, it is too separated and one or the other shots hits the geometry.

I find it super useful to dominate an entire open area. Blast off a multitude of quick shots, and shoot off charged ones while the enemy is disoriented

All depends on the circumstances.

I can confirm that in the renegade, it’s difficult not to top damage charts using that helix option.

That last section…set up a shield in the doorway between the final defence node and a spawn point, toss a slow mine and watch the enemies melt.

In incursion when sentry shield is down i run right infront of it, set a shield and deal my dmg x3.

Yes , all is usefulll but the problem after players cry as baby because toby do nothing… the damage its stupid big now as the other avians (ernest and Benedict) and no mention other chars. This gamee have two problems: 1. They dont know the diference between tank, healer, dps, support, etc. Some characters got more that one characteristic. 2. I insist… the unbalance.

His damage was never buffed, besides ult.
They obfuscated roles so you never feel useless.
I can’t understand the point of the rest

Eh, I’d say I know a decent amount. I also don’t play Rath, which is pretty much the only one button to win character that I’ve seen people think of. But in general, your post is condescending and insulting, and I feel this potential conversation will lead absolutely nowhere, so I’ll see myself to to the door

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Dont worry, what he wants is a clone of other game c: ppl like to have something familiar.

Characters are not a single roll (and thats fucking awesome) , but their skills are Focus in a main core nd can bend to your own game style.

You suck landing shadow pillars? Use instante gratification!

You hate close combat with ambra? Lvl 7 mutation.

You like more movility than dmg? Rath has a couple of hélix to help.

You cant land a dash burst with deande? Use ground Zero.

Every helix option changes rolls. I dont want to be a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  white mage doing nothing else than spam cura, cura II, esuna and sometimes aero.


Lol his dmg didnt got buffed! Marquis dmg got nerfed.

Thats what in games is called balance.

Well for whatever the reason this thread was bumped… Lol. I wasn’t complaining about the damage I just want other peoples opinions if they thought the split railguns were useful to them. Imo, I said that the split shots were too separated and they hit geometry more than enemies/minions.

What are you talking about lol they insist unbalance? Not that you weren’t speaking gibberish or anything but I need a little clarification

Oh I haven’t posted here and have an opinion! Spilt beam could be really good but you could just take the fatter rails instead with a more reliable boost imo. That said if your good at landing crits already with him the increase MAY be detrimental. I just love fatter rails with full penetration. It’s a really fun wave clearing playstyle switch from your early game