Do you get dizzy play borderlands 2 on ps4?

I play it on ps3 for an entire year and had no issues but after picking up the handsome collection I would play for half an hour or so and end up with these huge headaches and feelings dizziness. I’m not sure what is wrong. Trying so hard to play this game but I hate walking away dizzy. I’ve played with the FoV and set it to 90 too. Just wondering if others have the same experience.

There were quite a few folks got nausea playing on 360/PS3 at release - so much depends not just on the FoV in game, but the size of your screen, distance from screen, etc. You may need to play around with the settings a bit: 90 FoV works for some people, but not everyone.

It may be related to the 60 fps (full frame rate) that THC maintains most of the time. That is going to feel more like real motion than the PS3’s 30 fps, so it might be the cause of your motion sickness.

Your eyes tell you you’re moving; your inner ear tells you you’re not. This conflict is at the root of the problem. You already increased the FOV, so that’s that. Did anything else change? Are you using a bigger or sharper TV? Putting more distance between you and the screen might help (by giving your eyes more of a stationary frame of reference).

The tv has change, my new tv has a faster refresh rate and has sharper images. I do play other first person shooter games but it doesn’t give me the same feeling. I’m about 10 - 12 feet away from the tv. I’m noticing that when I play sometimes when I sprint there’s a lag in the graphics, which happens quite often. Also when I sprint, my FoV seems to shift to a smaller view. Then zooming into the scopes there’s a change in screen movement speed too. It’s hard to tell, maybe I’ll try to sit back more and see how that feels. Kinda sucks to have a game you love but can’t play.

Both of these are normal. When you sprint, the game changes slightly to create more of a sense of motion (wish it didn’t!), while both tracking and movement speed is always lower when using a sccpe (don’t mind the latter but I really hate the former.)

I’ve also noticed that my “look sensitivity” seems different on a different size screen: too sensitive, and I get motion sickness; not sensitive enough, and I can’t hit a darn thing… You may want to try playing with some of the other settings besides FoV if you’re feeling it.

That’s true, I haven’t lower my look sensitivity yet. I may have to just get it down to the same speed as when I’m zoomed in so it’s more consistant. I’m at 6 right now. I rather hit something than not being able to play at all. Thanks for the input, really appreciate it!

I get motion sickness worse than anybody I know, so when I have a game I can play it irks me to no end when I can"t connect for co op. And I just don’t have it in me to do maintenance stuff on Destiny. I was curled into a ball of my own vomit and fecal matter before I even got thru the training on Rocket League. Same for GTAV and Dying Light…and 3rd person…forget about it.

Man, that really sucks. Any idea why you’re so sensitive to on-screen motion like this?

Man that really sucks, some of the best games these days are in first person view. I think Bungie did a good job with Destiny and how the screen moves. I don’t recall getting motion sickness from playing it. I’ve had to take a few migraine pills to continue playing Borderlands THC. BUT I finally figured out what was wrong.
I turned down my FoV back from 90 to 80-82 and dropped my motion sensitivity to 4. The default FoV at 70 was just way too small, but 80 works great for me. 90 and up gives this feel of having a curve lense which I think is causing me to have motion sickness.

BL1 on XB1 (compatibility version) looks like that to me, and makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any FOV option (not really surprising since the game thinks its running on a 360 still). Fortunately it’s manageable for me, but I would love to have a true remastered version instead.

Wow! You’re saying you could play Borderlands 1 on XB1? How? Can that be done on the PS4 as well?

One of the features MS announced for the XB1 was backwards compatibility. Basically, the system runs a virtual 360 inside the system. If you insert a disk for one of the supported games, or had previously purchased it digitally from the XBox store, you get a digital copy downloaded that is packaged to launch and then run inside the virtual 360.

Sony hasn’t, to the best of my knowledge, announced anything similar.