Do you guys like the Hp damage stat balance of the game? The no randomness.just flat values per lvl

I just wanted to discuss this. I miss having mega health big shields. At this current lvl 60 bl3. I find it insane we’re doing about a few billion in a few seconds damage and we have hp the 10ks.

Ppl cant survive their own basic splash damage. But also i sorta miss the random stats of borderlands 2.

Everything is homogenized. Like.if we have the same parts we have the same gun or shield/grenade in bl3. We could have the same parts in bl2 and have different rolls.

I miss that randomness sorta. Makes loot feel pretty dern refreshing.

I feel like this is a weird glass cannon game…though we can get reaaaly tanky easily with items like bullet absorb n 2 dmg reduction flat rolls.+talents… Our hp pools are so tiny it makes me say to myself… Wthell.

What was.maya at 61 in bl2 about 150k?
This game just feels weird to me. Im just saying

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I don’t think I ever looked at stats/gun parts/etc in BL2, I just grabbed whatever gear I found the most fun to use and plowed through the game with it.

Same with BL3, I didn’t bother with stats, I just put points into what sounded cool and use stuff I find fun. This has gotten me to M5. I hit a hard wall for M6, I’m doing pitiful damage and enemies are massacring me.

(Off topic: I also don’t even feel like progressing to higher Mayhem levels, M6 is already such a chore.)

Whoops, sorry about that - I was logged in as Henchmen4Hire when I posted. You get my drift though.

…kidding, but that post is pretty on point for me. I lucked into some burly things that let me roll at MM10, but I roll different Mayhem levels whenever I play depending on my mood. The HP balance is what it is, and I’ll work around it (and all the other varying nuances of the game) until the game settles into some final form. At no point has there been anything so broken that the game has been unplayable, much less super fun for me.

The game is becoming a health gate fest like bl2 was and honestly I’m not too fond of it…


I dunno. In BL2 it didn’t seem to matter how big my numbers were, as I’d practically get one-shotted regardless.

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I had like waynover a milion hp with axton and id twke.tons of hits. I think end end game he should be over 2 mill beyond i never bothered with capn lilith much was working. From whatni gather alot.of characters had only hundreds of thousands and a bee shield.

Thats how i looked at ppl gettting one shotted were playing. What were ur builds? Any defenses stats at all?

Never liked amp shields. I preferred thick shields, and if they touted resistances that I’m pretty sure were placebos so much the better. Most of my characters got stopped early in UVHM. I’m sure some of their skills allegedly granted defenses. The only character I got through UVHM with was a Maya I played co-op with another Maya. That team up was about lockdown and instant res from range.

The hp in BL3 is fine. I play with a deathless artifact to keep my health below 50% at all times to take advantage of the 150/50 urad anointment. I also play in M10 with all my characters.

You don’t need health at all… Just shields and Ffyl. You needed health in BL2 because the enemy weapon damage scaled with OP levels.

Don’t believe me? Here’s my latest runs with Amara:



Amara is a godlike piece of unbalanced stuff :slight_smile:

One character has meele viability can reach the damage cap.with multiple weapons…breaks the game.constantly and everything balanced around her. She has +splash +crit + damage resistance early and a huge amount. Fast cooldowns with g ranks and minimal.investment. 3 fully viable trees.

Right now she doesnt even need gear or wepaons just a 300 90 and spam.skills. she has the mega meele.too and her gun damage exceeds everyone elses in two different builds.

Etc. No character has love poured i to it like her. Using her as an example is horrible.

Anyways this game has no hope ill see dlc 4 n leave it as that.

I too don’t need hp when I playing as a walking exploit.

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I play like that with all my VH’s. Moze, Fl4k, Zane, and Amara.