Do you have a better chance of finding a legendary that drops on Normal just by playing normal or is Advanced still better even though you have more legendaries to compete for drops with?

Wondering about efficiency if anyone knows

I would do normal if the item drops in normal, because of the smaller pool. As far as I know, the drop rate of legendaries is not significantly higher (if at all) on advanced

I follow this…been real accurate so far for me.

i find that the ammount of players on your team has more of an effect on how much drops i get with solo runs netting me less legendaries than runs with 3+ people in it

Maybe I misunderstood question…I get more m-pulse controllers
Than hate reflectors…doesn’t
Matter if I am playing normal OR advanced. The more precious the loot…the lower the drop chance?

imo. better drop rates on adv for the legendaries that you can get on normal. Lots of runs on both difficulties since the increase in drop rate a while ago. Also, I got 4 legendaries soloing Algorithm last night.

Advanced will drop all the items in the map.

You’ll have a better time getting them but you now have like 6-8 items to get and only 1 chance a boss.

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i dont play that many pve but since i run all pve maps once on normal i have legendary drops every second run - on normal