Do you have spare Gunzerker/Commando heads?

Searching for the following heads:

Gunzerker heads from Vermi/Terra
Commando heads from Vermi/BNK3R/Badass (Sandblaster)

I’ve been farming BNK3R, Terra and Badasses for days and have obtained heads for characters I don’t play. Vermi also seldom spawns, so that’s a bust most of the time.

Open to trading for items (Lvl 72) or possibly power leveling.

Thanks guys!

JumpOff, which other char heads do you hold? G4l4h4d / C0al Train / D00med / G0ry Gh0ul or Goliath for Zer0?

And: Any skins?


C0al Train for Zero, Til Death do us Part for Maya and Rasta for Sal. No skins ATM. Haven’t been farming skins.

Tx for immediate response.

C0al Train + Death Part interesting.

You in the game atm?

Not ATM. Will be later this afternoon. What do you have? :acmquaint:

Oki, we have a time zone issue: 17.25 p m here atm.

I have … various.

May I ask, is TheJumpOff your PSN?

It is not. I believe I might have played with you before. My PSN is OHaiJon.

Yep. Then we should be on each other’s lists - or at least, I’ve PSN-messaged at some point.
Ought work out … :acmaffirmative:

Sounds good! :acmaffirmative:

Bump. Still on the hunt for these heads.

Gunzerker heads from Vermi/Terra
Commando heads from Vermi/Badass (Sandblaster)