... Do you have the documents?

They are essential to my organization’s long term… goals. I assure you, it would be within your best interests to hand them over post haste.

I have my ID and my debit card. Oh, and a $5000 note.

Flagged as spam, <3


Lonely little tubby mages can’t run social stupid threads anymore.

Oh well, back in character.

Mmm, spam you say? I think your opinion will change if you shift your gaze to… Monoco.

@Arsonist They’re at the dead drop we discussed that one time we got hammered in Bermuda.

…I’ve said too much.

No no no chico. The time for subtlty has come and gone. Squads have been dispatched to the location. I expect the extraction to go smoothly, barring intervention by the Brazilians.

They should know better than to get involved in this.

(I guess to be clear too, chico is the only one playing the game right)

Foxtrot company is compromised, I repeat, FOXTROT COMPANY IS COMPROMISED. Those damned Albanians were lying in wait at the rendezvous point with a nasty surprise. Turns out the intel that caused our concerns about the Brazilians was a well-orchestrated ruse. Only Mitchell and Jones were able to escape into the jungle. Everyone else was either KIA or is now MIA. Word has it any survivors were captured and are now being held in a French Canadian POW camp 3 clicks to the south east. Shadow government protocol 7409-2C is now in effect.

Oh, by the way Lana… Lana? Lana?! LAAAAANNNNAAAA!!!

Danger zone.

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I’m at the dead drop at ayun-tepui with the guy that sold the bad Intel. He’s about to fly with the angels. SUBTLETY!

I sense some illegal shenanigans going on here! Nothing my amazing crime fighting skills cant handle. BEHOLD MY POWER!

I totally used my amazing hackz0rz skills to solve that last crime! FEAR!

Dude, you’re in China. We’re in south America. Its a LEFT at Africa.

With my amazing DOS crime fighting shiz, I can be aaaannyweeereeee in seconds! .

I’m not liking this. What the ■■■■ are our boys in intel doing if they didn’t catch something like teleporting powers. It might be time to deploy some assets.

Colonel, what are our options? Has the t-rex batallion been successfully modified?

Wait what?!

Holds awesome CIA curly Earpiece thing to ear

What do you mean they have T-Rex potential?! Ugh on my way…

DOS footstep noises then BOOP BOOP BOOP

Yes, they are now equipped with charged particle cannons. Arms have been swapped out for the more efficient spinosaurus’s arms.

D’aww, I was kind of hoping for little tiny german rugers. I mean, I know small arms fire never won a war, but the intimidation fa- y’know what, not important.

I need blue team air dropping supplies to the albanians. We need to cut the bolivians off into an L patter for best coverage. And for GODS SAKE we need that briefcase!

Damn, these boys have a smooth operation going on.

Nothing some EWOKS cant handle! Armed with SNES Super Scopes, there is nothing these little furballs can’t take down.

Huh? Shut up Dave! I know each gun runs on 6 AA batteries and it comes out of the taxpayers money!

Get the DOS-a-Port ready for mass delivery! Use Tetris formations Z and T. That should counter any L man-overs. I heard these guys love their L’s

10 new posts huh…