Do you have to do the story to unlock slots?

I remember it being a level thing but now it seems to be something else cuz I’m power leveling my friend and he has no access to his artifact and class mod

Unfortunately the relic and COM slots are indeed now unlocked by story quest completion. One is the Megamind fight; I forget what the other one is, but it doesn’t take full story completion.

You unlock the Artifact and Class Mod slots through the story. The Class Mod is unlocked when you give Rhys the brain.

What the others said, and the artifact slot is unlocked in the second vault (that’s the Graveward one iirc).

So power leveling my friend is basically pointless?

Pretty much - at least until both slots have been unlocked.

Weapon unlocks were tied to the story in BL2 as well. As for relics and class mods I guess they thought we took them for granted, used them as a crutch, or something.

At first I thought it sucked that we didn’t start with them unlocked. However as classmods are more powerful now it doesn’t bother me.

As for relics most of my early relic drops were for melee or slide which I didn’t use much on Fl4k. So I didn’t even equip one until I got the electric banjo. So I didn’t find the useful until I was about done with Eden 6 anyway. However that’s just me and others may have had a different experience with them.