Do you have to get permission to record gameplay footage of the Beta?

I was wondering, Does the Battleborn Open Beta require you to get special permission to record footage of the game?

I want to upload footage of the Battleborn Open Beta on my YouTube channel for all of my friends and family to see.

“Is there an NDA? Nope – it’s an Open Beta which means you can stream, record video, and play Battleborn to your badass heart’s content!”

Please reread the open beta announcement, it’s there.

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@link3895. Okay. I understand now.
At first I thought that there was an NDA put in place. But I guess there is not.

Thank you for the reply. Now I must tell everyone I know about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s ok to record the open beta.

The only NDA in place is the one for the CTT.

Thanks for the reply. I understand.

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Anytime. So stream or record away. :dukeaffirmative:

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