Do you have to have 1hp to get the most out of desperate measures?

Thinking of going big boom blaster + tenacious defense (or recharger + td) but I want to get as much as I can out of desperate measures. If i were to go 2/3 on thin redline how much of the desperate measures bonus would I get ?

You’d technically need to be down to get the most out of DM but 1hp is more than 99.99% so close enough.

The bonus is calculated as

DM max bonus x [1 - (current hp / max hp)]

So 2/3 Thin Red Line will get you 40% of the desperate measures bonus when you’re at full hp.

technically i want to say yes, but i dont know damage calculation, but i do know there is a relic that drops your HP to 1 but boosts shield by 100% which helps keep you alive more

ah okay thanks for that info - that’s a shame : (

Yeah but that relic (deathless) doesn’t synergize well with the Tenacious Defense skill

You don’t need to have all the damage all the time. Having some damage boost as a reward for TRL is nice, and then if you get hit, you have more damage.

Yeah but, mayhem 4. If i’m not getting the 100% from desperate measures I would rather go blast master + kybs worths

i think the most motivation to go for 1 hp is just that deathless gives you +100% shield xD