Do you have to sprint to get the most out of Violent Momentum?

I’m playing on console, so I use the left stick to move, click it to sprint. Basically, I’m just wondering how fast I have to move to get this bonus. Or does the speed matter at all, as long as I’m not standing still?

I really want to take some skills in this tree, so I can unlock augments for the drone, but I tend to stand and aim a lot when I play, so this might be wasted. I’d probably end up missing more shots, and nullifying the bonus.

Would Cold Bore be a better choice if you were using Brain Freeze, as far as proccing the slowed effect?

Sometimes I just slightly move the stick back and forth to stay put while walking :rofl:
As far as I can tell you still get a comfortable bonus

Sort of like strafing sideways while you shoot?

yep you can do that too, my habit is more like forward/backward backward/forward a slight press at time repeat continuous motion… it looks like Zane has epilepsy :rofl:


I hadn’t really thought about forward motion, or even kiting backward…it would all pass for movement, and I’d be less likely to miss.

Well, you do of course get the most value out of VM when moving at max speeds (i.e. shooting whilst sliding with a relic that gives you bonus slide speed or jumping and shooting while running), but generally speaking you are gonna get loads of bonus damage as long as you are moving at all, particularily if you also have Violent Speed and/or Supersonic Man to further increase your move speed.

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I’ve tested this on the (very poor) jack dummy in the firing rage, and I saw max bonus without having to sprint, just full forward stick movement.
This was about 10 months ago so things could have been nerfed or buffed.

One other thing I’ll mention; I hate stick-click commands. They’re terrible for often-used actions like sprint for a bunch of reasons.
My gaming life became much better when I got controllers with rear paddle switches that i can remap stick clicks to. Now sprinting or picking things up is a very easy and non-stupid squeeze. I can’t play without back paddles now.
On Xbox I use the Microsoft Elite controller. On PS4 I use a Raijin, which both has back paddles and is in the Xbox layout. This way my fingers never get confused when I switch boxes.
Just a thought, if you can afford one a controller with back paddles will make you happy.


Thanks for the tip about controllers. I’m thinking about getting the Xbox soon, so it might be a good time to look at a controller upgrade. This was the first game I played when I thought I didn’t have enough buttons. I like having all the weapons assigned to the D pad, and although I didn’t miss marking or swapping quests, I needed somewhere for firing mode. So I ended up putting it on the Y button, which I wasn’t using much other than for spawning vehicles.

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I have the most success with Zane using non elemental x4 Monarchs with SNTNL Cryo anointments. It doesnt matter if Im standing still or moving at full speed … everything dies quickly.

I perfer the x4 variants for ammo effeciency even though I use a Cutpurse Launch Pad.

I was lucky enough to find a Cutpurse Launch Pad with buffs to movement speed and assault rifle damage which surely helps.

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you get most with snowdrift splatter gun/ closed


Maybe … if you’re sliding around with shotguns.

So, I got my answer to this…from a challenge. Last night that after killing a random varkid, I got a notification of completing a challenge for killing XX number of enemies while moving at full speed. Basically, as long as you have your left stick pushed all the way forward/backward/sideways, it counts for the full bonus. No sprinting required.

Because Zane can’t sprint and shoot at the sane time. This ability is exclusive to his 4th skill tree that comes out pretty soon.

short answer not yet.

White Elephant and Torgue sticky bombs get greatly increased damage from violent speed/violent momentum combo…

Fire off some shots and run like hell. Even more with a snowdrift as well.