Do you like the anointment system in its current form?

Personally, I feel like the anointment system in the current form is just a power creep rng layer with little imagination going into its implementation and anointments are pretty mandatory for m10.
So what do you think, would you keep the anointment system?

  • Yes, I think it is fine as it is
  • No, it needs to go
  • Yes, but only if it received a complete overhaul to grant only utility stats (such as projectile speed)
  • Yes, but only if it received a complete overhaul to be more creative in granting power (such as additional projectile(s), projectiles pierce enemies, projectiles are slightly homing etc.)
  • No, it needs to be replaced with something entirely different

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I neither like or dislike it, but I don’t expect it’ll be replaced entirely at this point.

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Anointments have been and still are a total disaster. If they weren’t so stupidly powerful they could actually be a really neat addition to the game but as they are now they’re an utter mess. In this game getting a flat +50% damage boost means nothing. There are anointments that give +300% damage, that’s how out of whack they are. Imagine in BL2 if you found a gun and on the bottom of the card it read, “Anointed: Axton gains 7% shock damage while his turret is active.” You’d be losing your ■■■■ at what an amazing find that is. FREE 7% DAMAGE! THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! But that’s not exciting enough I guess. We need builds with always on +150% multiplicative radiation damage. I just honestly don’t get it. Did Gearbox not understand that a +23% reload speed anoint would literally just be seen as total dogshit when put next to these broken damage buffs? And how did they not realize early in the game when there were fewer good anoints that Moze wouldn’t be able to take advantage of ASE anoints as well as others which would be crippling to her since the game is balanced with anointments in mind?

I seriously would like to know what sort of creative vision or design philosophy went into making anointments the way they are because it seems like someone just wanted to piss off fans of the franchise. I honestly have to wonder if anoints were originally planned to be WAAAYYY less important and somewhere along the way they were changed to be an absolutely crucial part of Borderlands 3’s endgame experience. The premise of anointments are fine. Interesting buffs to players usually requiring some condition is met. The level of extremes anointments were taken to is totally ridiculous and is easily one of my least favorite things about the game.


No. I can’t think of any game where I’d be particularly excited about a 7% bonus. At most it might get a low key “Cool. Whatever.” reaction. Doesn’t Gaige get a bunch more bonus to shock and it still isn’t super impressive in the end…

Before the game’s release, and we first started getting word of this thing called “anointments” that could pop up on gear, I was thinking they would be much like the luneshine bonuses from TPS: minor bonuses that are cool to have if you happen to come across them, but nothing gamechanging or anything that would break the game. Instead, we got what we got…

If I had my way, the overpowered anointments would be nerfed like hell to take the focus off it, and put the focus back on the loot itself and their innate capabilities.

There are some cool builds that make use of them, for sure, but it seems like all anyone wants are the anointments that increase damage in some way. I’d trade all those for new anointments that have more utility effects.


I mean if you take a gun and make it flat out better that’s pretty exciting. You love using the Butcher shotgun and you find one with a damage anoint? Boom, that’s now your go-to gun. It’s not 300% better, but it’s an improvement over the one you had. The anointment didn’t make or break it, but it made a sweet gun even sweeter. That’s an exciting moment in a looter shooter IMO

They should just turn anointments into a loot drop that can be freely applied and removed like trinkets. Or better yet, do another pruning of the anointment list to remove redundant or never used ones as well.


It’s fine as is (having unique perks on weapons), but I get how people who can only play the game with a handful of gear with very specific anointments wouldn’t care for it. It’s more the anointment behaviors themselves than the concept of anointments that is at issue here, I think.


I agree, the concept of anointments is good but they shouldn’t be as powerful as they are right now (while some are utterly useless). I liked luneshine bonuses in TPS. They were nice to have or hunt for on items I liked but didn’t define my overall power level to the point that they did matter more than the actual items i’m using.


game would be roughly 309% better without that â– â– â– â– 


Yeah, I forgot about Luneshine modifiers. They weren’t an issue (I think) because they weren’t game changers. If they tamed the anointments the same way, I don’t think they’d be an issue.

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Luneshine and Glitch bonuses I feel were a more successful predecessor to Anointments.
Anointments are currently so strong that you’re losing an astronomical amount of DPS without them.

I personally don’t care about 'em other than the slight annoyance of having to farm for “the right anointment”. Yet there are much more pressing matters. This issue is really low on my list of perceived issues.


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I’m not a fan, no. Infact i hate it, I hate just how much impact it has on with certain gear and skill interactions.

For example, i’ve tried countless times to make a flakker build on Moze that makes it feel great and rewarding for the effort but i haven’t been able to since before M2.0. The only way i found is if i use 300/90 annoint and pair it with short fuse. It obliterates everything in one shot… except it doesn’t, flakker barely do any of the damage, it’s short fuse that hits for 60+ million because of the annointment. It’s cheap and it takes away the fun of trying to make fun weapons feel good.

I’ve limited myself to the annointments that has no impact on my gameplay because i can’t really fully ignore them. So for weapons i exclusively stick to consecutive hits. I rarely use maliwan weapons so i have to switch a lot to match elements.


anointments are so damn bad.
-They ruin build diversity (if you don’t get the good anointment for yourbuild you’re ■■■■■■).
-They bring a useless powercreep to the game : it’s just as if they buffed all weapons by 200-300%, but with random crap over it so each weapons receives a different buff. (enemies health could be 200% lower and it would be the exact same but 10 times better)
-They ruin the early and mid game : you get a good anointment at earl ? You destroy the main campaign. You farm in low mayhem levels and get a good anoint ? You can instantly jump multiple mayhem levels. ( gearing up has become less meaningfull and is now way faster).

People say bl3 has no endgame, but that’s also due to the fact you reach end game so damn fast


if anointments were 10 times weaker they’d still be ■■■■.
Their only purpose is to “balance” builds, but instead of balancing guns and gear for the build tehy just try to patch it with a random multiplier to bring some builds to the level of others.
They took the diablo3 path, instead of making abilities balanced, they just increase the multiplier of the weaker things, to the point were it’s just ■■■■■■■■.
Bl3 is taking the wrong direction, anointements are just a lazy way to try to balance the game, but it brings more issues than it solves

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Exactly. In some cases, gear is just a carrier for some insane anointment damage bonus (300/90 for example) and in some other cases, your action skill button just becomes an anointment activator button: the mechanics of your action skill or gun becomes completely secondary or not even a factor at all.

I keep repeating myself on this, but I really wish Gearbox would severely scale back the prominence of anointments and thus make action skills, gear, and skill trees much more important to a build.


Annointments = Slag

Only difference is annointments comes in a variety of perks few are useful and most are useless and met to artificially make farming more annoying.


Remove mayhem, remove anointments…
Remove the 3 in Borderlands 3…
I agree there are various problems with the new systems, but to remove everything that makes the game different from others installments… It s too drastic imo.
I find the anoint system fun except for some of them not being useful.
What is needed is to examine the not so useful anoints and change them appropriately

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Anoints need to be moved off of the weapons and put onto something like the trinkets (with more trinkets added for shields and grenades). This way you can farm for anoints separately from the items, making it easier to get the specific combo you want.

As it is now, I struggle to get say a Complex Root, with the correct elements (rad and shock) and the right anoint (300v90) with a good mag size. I have gotten probably 30 over the weekend, and still don’t have the one I want. And that’s running 2-3 players, so multiple drop chances.


my issue at this point lies not only within how it alters guns power level but how it also seems to transfer into multiple other damage instances where it has no business and gearbox can not tame it.