Do you like the current rez timers?

I honestly dont.

55 seconds rez timer is very boring and makes me wanna scream very loud

also sometimes its total BS when i die and get a 55 second timer but some1 else dies and only gets 20 second timer.

Respawn timers are based on level. The higher level you are, the longer the redpawn timer. In a low TTK objective-based game, if respawn timers were low or non-existent then you wouldn’t have to worry about self-preservation as much and most Incursion games would end in a stalemate. They’re incentive to stay alive, and when you sweep the enemy team they give you time to hit the sentry and set up before the next respawn.

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Given that nearing the end of a match (which in total only last a max of 30 minutes) you get a 50 second timer so if you get swarmed or just plain unlucky you have to just sit there and it might even cost your team the match. If it was 25-35 seconds it would be much more manageable and death would still have a consequence, but it wouldn’t ruin your chances at victory.

i personally wish the timers were more universal. not shorter at high levels, but higher at low levels. so extending the early level spawn times would be fine with me

I think the early level timers are a bit too short. Need to add 5-10 seconds.

The level 10 timer is also too short. Should be at least 60 seconds. This gives your team enough time to group up and push back if they are stuck in their own sentry area.

It’s an FPS with MOBA elements, if they lessen the timers, death stops becoming a problem. Death is supposed to be a penalty for over extending, and generally making bad decisions.


Absolutely; the rez timers NEED to be long to balance matches. I don’t want to sound like a douche, but i suggest exercising some patience, and working on staying alive when at a high level…

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its kinda hard when i only play melee though (i dont like the hitboxes in this game they feel weird)

bascially when u r in combat as a melee character, youre already in grave danger of being killed… even in a 1v1 scenario.

but 9/10 times you get flanked (as melee)

as a melee character u do need patience at ALL TIMES… but sometimes u simply get screwed by other team mates coming to help when ur about ready to secure a kill.

Biggest change I would put on the Timers is have them account for the number of players on a team. Having someone DC or quit and getting stuck in a 30 minute match or surrendering since the odds are stacked against you sucks. I would recommend the Timers decrease if a team is down a player to help “soften” their lack of numbers.


I know how to play melee, and it definitely is an uphill battle against a mostly ranged team. I find that melee is an excellent choice on capture, while not so great on Incursion. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the rez timers though. I’m not the best with melee in this game, because its first person, and i’ve since accepted it.

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Honestly if I was going to make a change to the timers it would be to make them longer at the lower levels. I find it really annoying that some characters like Phoebe or Rath can rack up 15 deaths yet also rack up 15 kills and help their team win the game. I don’t think you should be able to die that many times and still be an asset to your team. I mean, yes, I expect a Rath to die more often than a Marquis, Rath is a squishy melee character. To die once for every kill though? That’s ridiculous and the fact that rez timers are so short at the early levels helps encourage this behavior. Rath or Phoebe just gets up in your face and there’s no real danger to them or their team because they’ll be back in no time.

Overall I’m happy with rez timers though and if GBX disagrees with me (I assume they do as I’ve heard no word they’re going to change rez timers), I think the current system is okay. There are other changes I feel a lot more strongly they need to make, such as doing something about the instant fails in story missions.