Do you like the new music at the end of missions?

One of them sounds to me like somebody just died in the “Hunger Games.” I keep looking for the big tv.

Don’t have any feelings about it but it doesn’t fit for me.

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Yeah I dig it.

It’s “you have lost music”. It’s a bit more dramatic. I see no problem with that.

The “victory” music is also a bit more dramatic. See no problem with that either.


Music is fine. I just wish they would change the general feeling/layout of the End Mission screen to match the new UI of the other screens. They kind of clash with each other.

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Personally, I think the end mission music is super-cheesy, and I really don’t care for it. I’d rather it be in a style that matches the awesome menu music, but it’s a small thing, so certainly not something to worry too much about (not saying you were, just in general).

I didn’t pay attention to it yet. I tend to listen to music with my headphones on since I can autopilot most of the missions.