Do you name your characters in the Borderlands games? If so, what?

Anyone give their character a unique name? Named my Salvador “Rampage.” I usually name them something that fits their play style/personality.

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Well not at all. Usually I name mine something like “Mechromancer_Main” or “Mechromancer_01” and so on… but I have a Zer0 named “MLG_Quickscoper” and I had a Gaige named “I think my reload button is broken” xD

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Zer0 - “Thirteen” - my lucky number
Maya - “Darkness” - just liked it
Salvador - “Nutbar” - just cos
Axton - “Leroy Gibbs” - from NCIS
Gaige - “Gretel” - there’s a new band called “Hands off Gretel” and the singer looks like very hot version of Gaige :slight_smile:


i name the psychos after grindcore or metal band, i named my mechro as a punk band lead singer and i named the g’zerker as a former president we had over here

My only toon is a lvl25 Krieg and I named him Talking Head.

Named my Psyco Algernon after my boy Dr. Algernon Krieger


Sal (Jack mask) = Handsome Dad

Axton (Jack mask) = Handsome Ax

Wilhelm = Ugly Dad

Jack = Handsome Jerk

Aurelia (Grace Jones head) = Yup That Is a Man

My favorite, Maya w/Tannis head = Yoko OH NO

gaige is hot so is she like hotter gaige or what ?

Just google Hands off Gretel or Lauren Tate - there’s quite a lot out there on youtube and facebook etc. Here are a couple of small pics:

I name all my characters and builds after spaghetti western characters.

Double Up/Gemini Axton: “Django” (used to be called “Monco”, but I’m gonna try a Jakobs allegiance Axton soon. If that works out well enough, that’s the one that will get the name “Monco” instead)

Fastball Axton: “Sartana”

Explosive Axton: “Mallory”

Sniper Zer0: “Mortimer”

My first character was Roland, named Scooter after my username, because it sounded like something someone might be called on this planet.

Meeting the local proprietor of the catch-a-ride machines was confusing.

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If I listed every one of my character’s names, it would be as long as a Top Ger thread :smile:

OK, maybe not that long, but I’d have 30 or more names to put here.

I feel your pain. I left out many for space and propriety reasons :smile:

I name my characters by what level gear I will make them hold after I finish my playthrough with them. Organization!

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In BL2:
Maya - Havocbyte (Because it’s my username)
Gaige - Nakasi-7 (It’s the original Google Nexus 7’s codename in the official Android ROM database.)

In BL1:
Lilith - Havocbyte (Same reason)
Mordecai - AvB0rd3r (Because I was typing up random letters on my keyboard trying to think of a name.)

Athena - Havocbyte (Again same reason)

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I love your Zero.

And I name mine so i can remember what kind of build they have, for example my 2 Kriegs are “Volcano” and “Meatman”

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I see what you did there.


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I have 2 Brand loyalty Mechromancers:
Meredith for Jakobs allegiance, Celeste for the Dahl allegiance.

The rest of my characters kept their original name.

If I ever create a melee oriented Zer0 his name is going to be Butt Stabber.