Do you need the Bee in non-OP UVHM?

I’m wanting to get my Siren up to Level Cap, and that will be a lot easier if I actually go into UVHM. However, I’m not interested in restricting my gear options by trying to do the OP levels. I’m also not a big fan of the Bee, as I’m not generally conservative enough to hang back to keep my shield up to benefit from the extra damage. However, when UVHM was first released, I could not actually do the mission ‘Bad Hair Day’ because of the health regen, so I’m worried that I’ll need the Bee just to get through UVHM. Will I need it? Or can I work without it?


You don’t need the bee, but to do bad hair day with a non melee character you’ll need at least a roid shield and preferably a bladed weapon


Makes sense. I was just afraid that my experience with Bad Hair Day was indicative of UVHM as a whole. I don’t have the patience to sit behind cover all day to enjoy the Bee’s damage increase, so I never use it, but was afraid that would render me unable to actually deal appreciable damage in UVHM. I’m planning to pick up both Scorn and Ruin, so I’ll have plenty of Slag, so that will help, but was afraid that wouldn’t be enough.

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You can leave it until you get to the Dust and build a technical. The blades count as melee damage. To make it even more badass, when you get into the vehicle have a bladed gun or a Law or Rapier in your hand and it will boost the blades damage by 50%/100%/200% respectively.

This will clear that mission up in a hurry - you also auto-pickup the hair when you drive over them.

Another bit of fun is that Savage Lee can do it for you : from hiding, slag and weaken a bullymong. Lee will finish it off with his axe and voila! Hair!


As long as enemies are slagged, there’s no need for the Bee. Maya is my main, and I don’t think I’ve used the Bee on her for the past three years, or so. Except on raids and such. As long as your guns are decent, you’ll have little or no problem at all with other shields. You just need to make full use of her skills.

There are actually very few encounters where you really need the Bee, and that’s usually when you go up against an enemy that has oceans of health and you can’t resupply your ammo. For other fights, the Bee is mostly there to speed up the process, imo.

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You definitely won’t need the Bee for most of UVHM cept the Raids and Badassasaurus. That said, Maya isn’t Zer0 or Sal and doesn’t have that much upfront DPS. So don’t forget to element match (fire-flesh, corrosion-armor) and slag your enemies (Ruin is your best friend). And don’t worry if you are struggling abit right now, first part of UVHM is always the hardest.

Ditto. I’m primarily a Siren player, and I don’t use the Bee too much, only when it is safe to snipe.

In UVHM I’m usually using an adaptive shield, the DOT reduction is valuable. Anything to decrease your action skill cool down is a plus, since Phaselock takes the place of having to use a slag weapon or grenade, giving you a bit more weapon flexibility.
My typical siren load is
Adaptive shield
Lyuda of the correct element
Hellfire or B-tch, depending
DPUH for when I enter FFYL
A slag rifle just in case
I use sniper/SMG stockpile relics until the Peak.
Grenade type as situation warrants.

And I re-farm every 2 levels, since I’m old and tired and not as good as the youngsters, so I need to power.

For the peak things change, of course. The Hellfire becomes pedestrian. But that’s for other threads that many have contributed too.

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